Twitter Verifies Muslim Brotherhood Account After Purging Conservatives

Twitter just as the official account of Muslim “Jihad is our way” Brotherhood but is purging conservatives at the same time.


This is significant because the blue check means that Twitter has verified this account and confirmed its authenticity even while the social network is actively purging conservative accounts.

As the purge against conservatives continues on the corporate media have launched a campaign to smear numerous conservative websites claiming they are fake news and/or Russian propaganda. Meanwhile numerous social networks are making platform changes to censor the free speech of conservatives and economically disable conservative sites.

Meanwhile, Twitter allows an organization that openly advocates of Islmaic Jihad, Sharia law and Martyrdom in the name of Allah:


While the liberal media claims Muslim Brotherhood is not currently listed as a terror group not to long ago they were officially listed.

No matter what “Fake News” the corporate media reports on how benign the Muslim Brotherhood is , the fact is the organization openly advocates for radical Islamic Jihadists to wage war against non-believers to fulfill Allah’s will of implementing Sharia law in countries throughout the world.

In fact, they have only been removed from the terror list for political reasons, so that the United States could clandestinely fund rebellions in the Middle East and North Africa, and not because the group has in anyway changed their ideology or support of Terror groups.

This is clear in that the Muslim Brotherhood’s officials motto calls for Sharia law, Jihad and martyrdom in the name of Allah.

For example the Muslim Brotherhood continues its promise to overthrow the current Egyptian government reiterating their longstanding vow throw Twitter and in official statements on their website.

Just one such tweet from this verified account an open call for revolution to continue down the path of revolution and overthrow the government of Egypt.


Here’s another tweet vowing there will be no deals or compromise with the government of Egypt reiterating the point revolution is the only way.


In their latest press release on Egypt reads “the Muslim Brotherhood – true to its long history, and the martyrs and detainees, says once again that it will not let the people down” before it goes on to outline their goals for Egypt which then states their number on goal for their “revolution” in Egypt is to “re-establish Egypt’s identity: Islamic and Arab.”

In typical Orwellian doublespeak fashion, the release discusses restoring religious freedoms which is really the exact opposite as Sharia law supported by the Muslim Brotherhood has no tolerance for any other religion or culture except radical fundamental interpretation of Islam which requires believers to wage Jihad against non-believes so that the entire world may be under Sharia Law.


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