Twitter Refuses to Comment: #HillaryForPrison Censorship Continues as #HillaryForPrision To Trend

The hashtag #HillaryForPrision has been trending all day and Twitter has refused to comment on why they are censoring the correctly spelled hashtag

User’s across numerous social networks have notice something odd lately. Trends that are negative to Hillary Clinton are being censored from trending on various social networks.

Reddit users have noticed despite being the hottest topic since news broke last week that Hillary Clinton is under a renewed investigation into emails from her private email server not a single story was making it to the front page of the website.

Then a “glitch” 3 days ago suddenly resulted the entire website being filled with stories from the Donald Trump sub-reddit but their vote scores were all zero. Site admins said it was a technical glitch but not all redittors are convinced.

Similar incidents have are occurring on Twitter and many other social media networks.

As Zero Hedge reported yesterday, numerous social media outlets were failing to trend even though it was clear the networks were getting more traffic for the phrase than anything that was trending.

Social Media Blackout? FBI Emails Are Not ‘Trending’ On Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Or Snapchat

hey are not known as ‘weapons of mass distraction’ for nothing…


In the 24 hours since FBI Director Comey dropped perhaps the biggest bombshell of the entire Presidential campaign, sending Democrats (and media) scrambling headless-chicken-like for answers (and blame-scaping), does anyone else find it odd that ‘FBI Emails’ does not appear to be a hot topic, trending, big deal on any social media?


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And as I informed my followers, FBI was blowing up the trending topics on twitter by a huge margin.


Yet at one point Twitter’s Trend censor algorithm was over ran with so many negative Hillary topics Twitter couldn’t censor them all.


Early this morning twitter’s Auto-suggest function suggested the phrase #HillaryForPrision after users would type in #HillaryFor.

Users immediately took note and began tweeting it was yet another blatant attempt at censorship, similar to the well documented removal of auto-suggestions from Google that are critical of Hillary.

So user’s said hell with it and decided to use the typo hashtag instead because if Twitter was suggesting it that meant they weren’t censoring.

It didn’t take much time for it to begin trending and users began spreading the word to other users.

I personally put sent out the following tweet:


The hashtag has been trending ever since.

In fact, since it has been trending media outlets have had to write about it.

Mashable notes:

#HillaryForPrision is trending, but not for the reason Clinton haters think

HillaryForPrision (notice the extra “i”) is trending. Depending on who you ask, that’s either because the person who made the hashtag can’t spell, or Twitter will censor negative hashtags lobbed at the Democratic nominee if opponents spell prison correctly.

Whatever the reason, the hashtag is the second-largest trending topic on Twitter as of this writing, right behind “Happy Halloween.”

Many users are tweeting about the censorship claim while using the hashtag.

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