Twitter Under Fire for Approving Islamic Jihad Accounts While Banning Conservatives

Twitter is under fire after Yesterday’s terrorist attack at Oklahoma State University were a Somali Refugee who entered the United States from Pakistan attacked students on campus by driving a car into a crowd of students and then attacking them with a butcher knife in an ISIS inspired attack.

In the wake of the story, Fox news has picked up on the HNN article from November 20th reporting on howTwitter approved the Muslim Brother Hood account, which openly advocates for Islamic Jihad and overthrowing of foreign governments, while banning conservatives.

Click Here for details on the background on the Fox news report.

The same kind of censorship of conservatives and their viewpoints applies to Facebook as well which has prompted many users to switch over to alternative social networks, such as Gab.AI to replace Twitter and Seen.Life to replace Facebook.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that the terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan posted a rant on Facebook just minutes before the attack as the number of American’s charged with ISIS crimes now stands at 112.


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