Turkey Suspends Embassy Services In Syria, Orders Evacuation

Turkey Suspends Embassy Services In Syria, Orders Evacuation


Turkey suspends embassy activities and evacuates personnel from the capital of Syria following a meeting between the US president and the Turkish prime minister.

I previously report on what appeared to be a secret warning of an attack on Syria.

Secret Warning of Military Strike Against Syria Issued?

Several news sources are reporting the sudden withdraw by China, France, Canada, and other nations of foreign nationals, airline flights, diplomats, and embassy staff from Syria.

News reports keep coming in of various agencies, companies, workers, and diplomatic staff from several countries suddenly evacuating from Syria in an ominous repeat of events that occurred just before the NATO bombing of Libya.

China reports they are evacuating all of their personal, except those needed to protect oil equipment, so they are not caught in a off-guard in situation where they have to perform a mass emergency evacuations like they did in Libya.

Reports of similar evacuations orders are also coming out of Canada, where the government has also announced stiff sanctions against Libya and issued a declaration of support for the rebels saying Assad must go.

Air-France just reported that all Syria flights are “suspended until further notice” after cancelling two flights earlier in the week, blaming the cancellations on the “ongoing protests” in Syria. The news comes after France just shut down its embassy services and ordered evacuations similar to Canada.

The new reports today follow several similar reports out of the the UK within the last week of various government related agencies and organizations issuing evacuation orders for citizens and diplomats while shutting down embassy services. Event the famous British ‘activist’ known as Danny, regularly seen on CNN and other news outlets, has returned home to London.

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In an apparent sign an attack is about to be launched in the Syria capital of Damascus, Turkey suspends embassy activities and personnel following a meeting between the US president and the Turkish prime minister.

Turkey stops embassy service in Syria

Press TV – A Turkish diplomat speaking on the condition of anonymity said on Monday that the activities at the Turkish embassy in Damascus “have been suspended from this morning,” AFP reported.

The official added that all Turkish diplomatic personnel have left the Syrian capital.

However, the Turkish consulate in the northwestern Syrian city of Aleppo will remain open, the source said.

The development comes a day after US President Barack Obama claimed the United States and Turkey have agreed that “there should be a process” of transition to a “legitimate government” in Syria.

Obama made the remarks in a press conference after talks with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ahead of a nuclear security summit in the South Korean capital Seoul on Sunday.

Earlier in March, Erdogan announced that Turkey will host the second meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” group in Istanbul in April.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States have supported arming the Syrian rebels against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

What is particularly odd is that the personnel and embassy services have only been suspended in the capital city of Damascus and they will maintain services in Aleppo.

Previously the revels performed strategic withdrawal from Homs to secure western arms.

The evacuation was coupled with a $100 million dollar “donation” to purchase even more arms.

Just days later the rebels re-appeared in Damascus and launched a renewed offensive with a round of heavy attacks which was kicked off with an attempt to assassinate a top Syrian general.

With the evacuation of Turkey personnel and diplomatic services exclusively from Damascus, and not from Aleppo where rebels forces are also active, all adds up to western special forces planning to coordinate a campaign of rebel attacks in Damascus.

The news from Turkey also follows coincides with an announcement that Russia is now getting behind the United States peace plan for Syria.

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