TSA Moves On From Your Underwear To Your Starbucks

TSA Moves On From Your Underwear To Your Starbucks


The TSA is now screening Starbucks coffee purchased at the airport for explosives after they’ve already had their underwear rifled through and their privates fondled.

The YouTube video below shows the TSA doing a spot check of a passenger’s coffee that was purchased inside the Columbus airport well beyond the security checkpoints where passengers have their underwear rifled through and privates fondled.

The passenger in the video was on a flight from Columbus to Oakland and was simply sitting inside the Starbucks lounge drinking the coffee just purchased when TSA approached and demanded the random screening was performed.

09/02/2012: While waiting in the Columbus OH airport for our flight to Oakland, I couldnt help but notice the two TSA women that were “testing” any and all liquids that people had in their hands. Now remember that this is inside the terminal, well beyond the security check and purchased inside the terminal…just people waiting to get on the plane. My wife and son came back from a coffee shop just around the corner, then we were approached. I asked them what they were doing. One of the TSA ladies said that they were checking for explosive chemicals (as we are drinking them).I said “really..inside the terminal? You have got to be kidding me”. I asked them if they wanted to swab us all. She responded with something like, yes sometimes we need to do that. I then asked if she wanted a urin sample…none the less, the TSA is way out of control. I understand that my ranting to one of these $11.00 per hour TSA goons probably does nothing, but you have to say something. Whats next…perhaps the TSA will come to your home prior to your drive to the airport? The police state of the US is OUT OF CONTROL!

ADDED Sept. 6, 2012:

I’ve been reading replies from many of you. Some great and some ignorant. Before you comment on this video, please read up on the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. If you feel that being searched with out probable cause or warrant is just fine, then you are a SHEEP. The TSA and other government agencies love sheep. Sheep make it easy for the Government to remove your rights as an American. I would hate to see this happen, but some day, some generation is going to wonder why they have so few freedoms unlike their parents or grand parents. They are going to wonder how it got that way. They will need to ask the SHEEPLE that thought it was ok to VIOLATE their civil and constitutional rights in the name of safety and security.

This has been picked up by Wired:

Not content with fondling your privates and banning liquids from entering the concourse, the Transportation Security Administration is apparently now also screening liquids bought by passengers after they’ve already gone through regular security screening.

A passenger flying from Columbus, Ohio, to Oakland, California, over the holiday weekend captured the practice on video while he was sitting with other passengers in the airport’s embarkment lounge waiting to board their flight.

As the unidentified passenger points out in commentary posted with his video to YouTube, the liquid testing is being done “well beyond the security check” and on liquids that passengers have purchased inside the security perimeter after they already passed through security screening and threw out any drinks they might have brought with them to the airport.

The passenger, identified only as Danno02 in his YouTube channel, writes that his wife and son were approached by TSA agents after purchasing drinks at a coffee shop around the corner from the passenger lounge.

[…]But the TSA says the practice isn’t new — it’s been going on since 2007 — and is part of random screening techniques designed to catch liquid explosives that might slip through initial screening.


TSA’s Blogger Bob wrote about the procedure in July, describing how it works.

The test involves a test strip and a dropper containing a nontoxic solution. In case you’re wondering, our officers don’t place the test strips in your beverages/liquids. They simply have the passenger remove the cap/lid and they hold the strip over the opening of the container. Procedures call for moving the test strip to the side and applying the solution from the dropper to test the strip. If the test results are positive TSA will conduct additional testing to make a final assessment.

Unlike with swab tests done at the security checkpoint, however, the TSA officers in the video did not change their gloves between tests to prevent cross-contamination.



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