TSA Gropes 8-Year Old Boy As Possible Terrorist/Security Threat, Mother Outraged


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By Alex Thomas
April 14th, 2011

Just days after TSA was filmed groping a 6 year old girl, another disgusting incident has taken place, this time at Portland International Airport in Oregon.

On a planned trip to Disneyland, Tyler, an eight year old boy, was searched as a possible terrorist/security threat by power hungry TSA agents. This type of fondling of children would land most people in jail while the TSA simply claims its needed to stop terrorism.

“They went up his leg, into that area, down the next leg, up here (chest), felt all over,” she explained.

“I was confused,” he said.  “I did not know what they were going to do to me,” reported KGW.com.

The child acted the exact same way as the six year old girl who was recently groped in New Orleans.

“Both children thought they had done something wrong and were being punished. Little Anna broke down in tears afterwards, according to her mother, who said she found it impossible to adequately explain to her daughter why the incident had occurred,” reported Kurt Nimmo.

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The American people are literally being brainwashed into believing that Al Qaeda is so strong that TSA thugs actually need to grope children as possible terrorists.

The fact that Al Qaeda was a CIA/Mossad creation and that the FBI has set up every supposed terrorist that they have arrested seems to matter little to the corporate media.

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