TSA ‘Filming Without Permit Is Terrorism’ – Reporter ‘The Consitution Is My Permit’


Infowars Nightly News covers the deployment of armed drones to monitor forest fires and the TSA telling a journalist filming them is Terrorism.

Two great stories are covered in this clip from The Infowars News.

In the first clip Department of Homeland Insecurity Secretary Napolitano claims in a corporate media news article that the NDAA drones being deployed over U.S. skies will only be used to take pictures to protect public safety and only in ‘emergency’ events such as natural disasters and forest fires.

The reporter calls out the lies showing several articles reporting on how law enforcement agencies across the country are arming the drones and ask why drones need to be armed with guns just to take pictures.

The second story reports on a We Are Change reporter getting harassed by the TSA for filming them without a permit.

The video shows the agents telling the reporter that filming the TSA without a permit is terrorism.

Unlike the government stenographers in the corporate media the reporter does his job and ask how this is terrorism and tells the TSA officer bluntly ‘The constitution is my permit’


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