Trump Won 2,623 Counties – More Than Any Candidate Since Reagan 32 Years Ago

Donald Trump won 2,623 counties compared to Hillary Clinton’s 489 which is the largest margin of victory since Ronald Reagan 32 years ago.

Trump Won 2,623 Counties - More Than Any Candidate Since Reagan 32 Years Ago

Trump Won 2,623 Counties – More Than Any Candidate Since Reagan 32 Years Ago

A viral map is going around claiming claiming Trump won 3,141 counties and Clinton won 57 which liberal fact checking sites like Snopes is using to discredit Trump victory.


Instead of correcting the facts, which still show Trump had a massive landslide victory on the county level,  Snopes claims it couldn’t get county by county data and instead proves Hillary won more than 57 counties.

Another liberal fact checking organization was put to task to discredit Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s claim that Donald Trump has won more counties than any other Candidate since Ronald Reagan.

To discredit Pence, Polifact did have to collect county by county data which proved Pence’s claim.

However, due to their ideological bias they rated the claim “mostly true” and stating an asterisk needs to be put next to the claim in the county she did win she won by very larger margin’s than the margins trump one by.

They make this claim biased solely on bias without presenting any data to back up their claim. There certainly are red counties that Trump won by just as big margins as the blue counties that Hillary won.

Regardless, even if Hillary did win her counties by larger margins that does nothing to make Pence’s claim not entirely true.

Political also argues that republicans always win a much large proportion of counties but then lists out results from 1992 and 1996 were the republicans only won a few dozen counties more than the Democrats.

Per Politifact:

We were able to secure statistics for counties won by each presidential candidate from Dave Leip, creator of the indispensable “Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections” website.

The following chart shows the breakdown in counties won by each party’s nominee going back to 1984, which was Reagan’s last election as well as the one in which he won every state except one (Minnesota). Two housekeeping notes: The data for 2016 is preliminary, and Alaska doesn’t calculate vote data by borough, which is that state’s equivalent of a county.

Election Republican counties won Democratic counties won Independent counties won
2016 2,623 489 0
2012 2,420 693 0
2008 2,238 875 0
2004 2,530 583 0
2000 2,397 659 0
1996 1,587 1,526 0
1992 1,582 1,519 15
1988 2,295 820 0
1984 2,781 334 0

So Pence is on target that the number of counties won by Trump exceeds the number of counties won by every Republican presidential candidate since Reagan in 1984.

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