Stop Trump Protest Jobs Pop Up Nationwide – CNN, Care to Comment?

A quick Google search shows jobs nationwide to protest trump while CNN and Hillary “fact checkers” insist there is no evidence of paid professionals being involved in any of the protests or riots.

While CNN and The NY Times continues their year-long onslaught skewed bias anti-trump propaganda they continue to ignore violent hate crimes being committed across the country against Americans that voted for Trump.

Meanwhile Donald Trump and his staff have pointed to paid professionals being behind the protests.

Of course since only what CNN reports is real – and everything else is fake – Hillary Clinton’s surrogates journalists at the Clinton News network have chose to continue their campaign of arrogant smugness.

The simply chuckle at Trump and his deplorable supporters and dismiss the charge of professional agitators being involved as being a conspiracy with no evidence to support the claim anyone participating in these riots are being paid.

To that smug arrogance a simple query is presented: CNN, Have you ever heard of Google?

CNN do you know how to use Google?

Trump’s deplorable uneducated supporters sure do.

Here let us teach you.

Go to Google and enter the search: stop trump jobs

Viola! Evidence that people are being paid all over the country, up to several thousand dollars a week, to protest Donald Trump full time.

Those listings look like this posting from my home city of Philadelphia:


On Page one alone there are jobs to protest trump in the following cities:

  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • Boston
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Providence
  • Cleveland
  • Portland
  • Milwaukee
  • Dayton
  • Sacramento
  • Chicago
  • Asheville
  • Bend
  • Winchester
  • Lancaster
  • Pittsburgh
  • Washington DC
  • Boulder
  • Olympic
  • Bellingham
  • Columbus
  • Pueblo
  • Cape Cod
  • Worcester
  • Youngstown
  • Philadelphia
  • Cleveland
  • Treasure
  • Mansfield
  • Yakima
  • Maine
  • Skagit
  • Akron
  • Canton

Here’s a PDF print out of the first page of the Google results (100 results per page):

Notably, many of these protest jobs existed before the election even occurred because, as we have learned from WikiLeaks and Project Veritas, Hillary Clinton was bird dogging or paying protestors to incite violence at Trump rallies to make his supporters look like violent racists.

Yet these paid positions have not been discontinued after the election. Instead more are popping up.

So once again CNN, care to comment?

Update: It has been pointed out that “Fact Checker’s” that have repeatedly distorted the truth Hillary throughout the course of the election claim these postings were being mistaken for legitimate election canvassing jobs. The election was over a week ago yet the search results below show job postings within the last week. For example, this one from Seattle posted on 11/11/2016. Additionally, these are jobs some full time an some part time, not just gigs so even ones like the above in Philadelphia can’t be dismissed as an election job. It was also updated 2 days ago on 11/13/2016 a full five days after the election.


Update 2: After going through some of the postings. Some numbers are disconnected and others have been verified to be legitimate job postings

The poster of the Seattle job above has verified they posted the job and state they are now being harassed over the listing. They stated the job posting is not for “paid protestors” but instead is a legitimate job for phone canvassers. A phone canvassing job with travel opportunities to “fight for racial, social and economic justice, to fight for gender equity, to support immigration rights” Meanwhile the organizations Facebook page has posts about involvement in past protests.

Harassing phone calls continue to pour into our offices right now after we put a legitimate ad on Craigslist recruiting phone canvass staffers. In fact, we just received another death threat. “We’re sending people there to take you out,” said the caller. To set the record straight, we are NOT HIRING PAID PROTESTERS. The ad referred to an “anti-Trump” agenda. It’s the same agenda we have always had, to fight for racial, social and economic justice, to fight for gender equity, to support immigration rights and to champion marginalized communities.

Yet beneath the same Facebook post there is an announcement for a noon rally in Seattle.


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