Top EPA Climate Change Scientist Jailed For Fraud

A top EPA climate scientist sentenced to 32 months for not showing up to work for months at a time, claiming he was working for the CIA.

Top EPA Climate Change Expert Sentenced to 32 months for Fraud

Top EPA Climate Change Expert Sentenced to 32 months for Fraud

A top EPA climate change scientist, John Charles Beale has been sentenced to 32 months in Federal prison after being convicted of felony theft of government property after it was discovered he defrauded the government out of $886,186 by not showing up for work for months at a time, claiming he was working for the CIA.

Beale fraudulently collected pay for nearly two and a half years of work that he had missed under the ruse of working for the CIA, including a 6 month period in 2008 and an 18 month period starting in 2011 where he did absolutely no work for the EPA.

Beale was the highest-paid employee in the EPA, making more than even the EPA administrator, serving as a leading expert on climate change but repeatedly failed to show up to work to do his real job.

Beale began working for the the EPA as a a part-time consultant in 1987 and became a full-time employee in 1988 primarily due to his relationship with Princeton classmate Robert Brenner.

For nearly 30 years Beale’s work has been highly lauded and praised by the agency winning a variety of awards and accolades including lucrative salary increases and bonuses for a variety of work including amendments to the Climate Change Act.

For over a decade Beale took numerous days off of work claiming he was doing work for the CIA’s Directorate of Operations.

In 2008 Beale was given an $8,000 subsidized parking space after he claimed he contracted Malaria while serving in the Vietnam War yet Beale never served in Vietnam.

From 2005 to 2007, Beale charged $57,235 in travel expenses for first-class flights and high-class hotel stays claiming to be working on an EPA research project in Los Angeles when he was actually visiting family in Bakersfield.

Beale collected his EPA salary for over six months in 2008 while not reporting to work once claiming he was working for the CIA.

Beale retired from the EPA in 2011 and his fraud came to light in 2012 when he continued collected his full-time salary along with annual bonus that was supposed to end in 2003.

When questioned on why he was still drawing the salary Beale claimed he was still collecting a salary because he was still working for the CIA.

After reaching out the Department of Homeland Security the EPA learned that Beale had never worked for the CIA which prompted a 2013 investigation by the Office of the Inspector General.

Beale continued his to perpetuate his fraud scheme by going as far was showing emails between him and his wife purporting to show proof he was working for the CIA while the agency continued to deny Beale ever did any work for them.

Beale’s fraud was finally proven when the cell phone records of domestic phone calls made by Beale were discovered during times Beale claimed to be doing overseas work for the CIA which finally lead to Beale confessing to his crimes.

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