Thermal Images Reveal Scattered MOX Fuel At Fukushima Reactor 3

Thermal Images Reveal Scattered MOX Fuel At Fukushima Reactor 3

Using thermal aerial imaging, analysts have been able to show the location of mixed Plutonium Uranium fuel scattered around Fukushima nuclear reactor 3.

Goddards journal has release a video which overlays thermal imaging of reactor 3 at the Fukushima nuclear reactor on top of aerial video released by TEPCO.

The analysis reveals the locations where the mixed Plutonium and Uranium (MOX) nuclear fuel rods have been scattered around the site following the massive nuclear explosion that occurred in reactor 3 which has sent plutonium around the world, with levels recently being detected 200 times above government reported levels 50 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The video, shown below, reveals that there are at least 3 hot spots containing overheating nuclear fuel outside of the well cap.

One of the hotspots is lying between the spend fuel pond and the well cap.

Fukushima Aerial Image

Fukushima Thermal Image

Fukushima Thermal Image With Floor Map

Fukushima Aerial Image With Thermal Image

Fukushima Reactor Interior With Thermal Image


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