The Rape Will Not Stop When The Media Always Sides With The Rapists

The Rape Will Not Stop When The Media Always Sides With The Rapists


Imagine if every time a rape occurs the media always takes the rapists side and so do all of the independent experts in charge of investigating the crimes.



Even worse, not only does the media side with rapist but they completely blackout the rape victims side of the story.

That is unless something forces their hand to report the victims side of the story which is not the case in an overwhelming majority of their reports.

Then in the rare instance the media does report on the victims side they always go to great lengths to discredit the discredit the victim following a scripted attack narrative down to every last detail.

Imagine if the rapists were serial rapists who continually repeated their crimes indiscriminately without fear of repercussions.

Imagine these serial rapists were all part of an interconnected gang of other serial rapists closely connected to one another.

Now consider that these serial rapists were proven time and again to be liars.

In each instance that it was proven this gang of serial rapists lied the media quickly worked to downplay the lies that were revealed.

In other cases, when it was the media inadvertently reveals information that contradicted the rapists story the media quickly goes into damage control mode to protect the reputation of the liars.

In cases where the media outright proved the rapists were lying the media even scrubbed or redact those reports.

To make matters worse the rapists openly flaunt the fact that they a liars and media ignores it.

The rapists even go to great lengths to rub in the face of the rape victims that it doesn’t matter if they are liars or not the media will print every lie they tell as if it were and irrefutable fundamental truth.

The rape victims that dare allege the rapists are lying or present solid evidence that the rapists are lies are attacked by virtual communities of s0-called experts who assume the same relationship with the rapists that the media does.

These virtual communities and the media work together to shame any rape victims who step forward and make it socially unacceptable to accuse the rapists of lying.

Make no mistake, while the scenario with the rapists is entirely hypothetical, the current state of the mass corporate media in modern day American is not to far from this exact scenario.

Instead of that relationship being with rapists it is with the government, the financial elite and the mega corporation that own our politicians.

The rape victims are you and me and the average citizen and the crime is not rape, well at least not in the literal sense… in most cases that is.

The crimes vary from fraud and theft to spying and beatings to kidnapping, torture, and even murder.

Many of these crimes are conducted in absolute secrecy and the very media that has beholds the constitutional power to watch over the criminals instead chooses to turn a blind eye and is even often complicit in helping the criminals commit their crimes.

So why is it that the media always sides with these rapists?

Why is it that the media chooses to ignore and black out the victims side of the story a majority of the time?

Why is it the media will only report the rape victims story when their hand is forced?

Why is it when in the few instances their hand is forced they distort the story and parrot the position of the rapists?

It is a sad day and age with live in.

It will only be sadder for our children and yet sadder for their children if we continue to fail to do anything about it.

The number of rape victims number is in the billions while the number of rapists number in the tens of thousands at the most.

How long will it take for the billions of rape victims to finally take a stand against those few rapists to demand they be put to justice for their actions?

How long will it take for the billions of rape victims to say we will be raped no longer nor will our children nor will our children’s children?

Clearly we would not allow such a scenario to happen in the case of rape but why is it that we do allow this exact scenario to happen with kidnappings, beatings, killings, torture, murder and assassinations?

Like you my friend, I patiently wait for that day.

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