The Global Arms Trade Interactive Inforgraphic

The Global Arms Trade Interactive Inforgraphic

A quick and dirty guide to the global arms trade traffic as made possible by the Military Industrial Complex and the Global Banking Cartel.

In the aftermath of the most recent mass shooting incident in Colorado, which in turn is merely the latest in a long series of tragic mass killings, the question of weapon propagation has once again come to the forefront, if not as much in the presidential race.

This of course excludes the fact that for centuries the military industrial complex has long been the staple manufacturing core of many economies, and has competed only with banking when it comes to making a disproportionately small group of people disproportionately rich (even if it has “boosted” numerous economies alive in times of Krugmanian GDP stimulus need).

Which is why we present the following interactive global map from chrome experiments as a quick and dirty guide on who the biggest sources of arms trade (either imports or exports) in the world are.

Check it out here:

We doubt there will be many surprises over the usual suspects.

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