Flashback: The First Episode Of The Alexander Higgins Show


After much discussion with other alternative news websites, I have finally gone ahead and made the decision to start doing a live radio/TV show.

I believe it the combination of others requesting and suggesting I do a live show, my interview with Fintan Dunne, being on the Alex Jones Show, and my special guest appearance on The Intel Hub Radio which I will posting later on today that have made me decide to do a show.

Alexander Higgins on Alex Jones Infowars Part 1

Alexander Higgins on Alex Jones Infowars Part 2

The Alexander Higgins Show Episode 1

The Alexander Higgins Show Episode 2 – What the government doesn’t want you to know about radiation

The Alexander Higgins Show Episode 3 – #OccupyWallStreet -Alexander Higgins Live Broadcast

Here is the first part of the show, in which we discuss the red letter warning to the public to avoid drinking radioactive water that that the Government is lying.

The Alexander Higgins Show With Archangel

As far as a show schedule, I don’t have one yet and most likely will do adhoc reporting at the moment discussing live breaking news as it happens. I will be discussing the topics with other Alternative news heavyweights like Dprogram and The Intel Hub and posting recordings here on my blog until another site for the show is built. This will probably be the most effective way at getting the truth out to those who are still blinded by the lies our government is telling.

Hold in there as I iron out the kinks as producing a live TV and radio show is new to me so there are bound to be hiccups on the way. As always any comments and suggestions are welcome.

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