The Daily Doublespeak For April 6th, 2011 – NJ DEP On NJ Radiation



The first Daily Doublespeak for April 6th, 2011 may not qualify as doublespeak but interesting none the less.

For days now in NJ Local media outlets have been running stories with titles similar to the following:

No Signs of Elevated Radiation Levels: NJ DEP

Tests show normal radiation levels in Garden State

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2011 | Updated 12:45 PM EDT

KNSD: Radiation levels are on the mind of the world following the Japan nuclear woes.

Air and water samples show no sign of radiation in New Jersey from the damaged nuclear plant complex in Japan.

The state Environmental Protection Department says the tests show normal radioactivity levels through Monday.

Source: NBC Philadelphia

Every story has had a similar headline, NJ DEP No signs of elevated radiation, NJ DEP No Signs Raised radiation, etc.

I know you have limited time but read the NBC story. It’s a whole 5 paragraphs. Notice its structure and wording.

So today I go to check if the feds are going to admit they have found Japan Nuclear Radiation in NJ air or rain. They have found in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts some time ago, so New Jersey is about due,  right?

So I check out the story with the headline and start reading:

No raised radiation found in NJ air, milk samples

ANGELA DELLI SANTI, Associated Press
Updated 06:42 p.m., Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Samples of milk, air and rainwater in New Jersey show no sign of elevated radiation from the Japan nuclear disaster, the state’s top environmental official said Wednesday.

Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin said milk samples taken last week show no signs of elevated radiation…

Source: Times (Union)

So I think to myself, “Okay, same story different day. All clear in New Jersey, they still haven’t detected anything yet. Phew!”

Wait just a minute…. Continue reading…

He said preliminary air samples show trace amounts of radioactivity, but at levels far below those considered hazardous to human health. Samples of precipitation show trace amounts of Iodine-131, but not enough to cause concern, he said.”We’re seeing virtually nothing right now — we’ve tested the water, we’ve tested the milk, and we’re testing rainwater,” Martin said. “In rainwater, we’re seeing mere traces.”

Source: Times (Union)

WTF? They tried to slip that one by with a deceptive headline and a deceptive opening story following the same structure opening structure and opening wording as previous stories.

But they slip in the fact that RADIATION HAS BEEN DETECTED IN THE RAIN IN NJ AND THE AIR IN NJ in details of two separate sentences that an easily be skipped over for those like me who are speed reading or skimming the articles.

And now from the Asbury Park Press:

No raised radiation found in NJ air, milk samples

3:47 PM, Apr. 6, 2011 Written by The Associated Press

TRENTONNew Jersey’s top environmental official says samples of air and milk show no sign of elevated radiation from the Japan nuclear disaster.Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin says rainwater samples show trace amounts of Iodnie-131, but not enough to cause any concern.

Source: The Asbury Park Press

So wait a minute! The Bob Martin, Head of the NJDEP, tells The Union Times japan nuclear radiation was detected in the air samples and Bob Martin tells the Asbury Park Press that radiation was not detected in the air?

Bob Martin – Head of NJ DEP

To Union Times: Radiation Found In NJ Air!!

To Asbury Park Press: Radiation Not Found In NJ AIR ?!?!

Well common sense says, if is in the rain as both newspapers are reporting then it is also in the rain.

I guess when you speak doublespeak everything has two meanings at the end of the day. Regardless no actual levels of radiation detected were given to the public.

Now I would like to point out…

Actual Levels of Radiation Found In NJ Rainwater and NJ Air Nowhere To Be Found Online

I search everywhere, I can’t find them. Please if you can find them send me a link. I don’t trust just being told the levels are low. I want to know what the actual levels are and the NJ DEP website has old and outdated radiation information that appears to not have been updated in about 5 years or so.

So as of now the Headline should have been…

Japan Nuclear Radiation Found In NJ Air And NJ Rainwater At Unreported Levels

I’ll add the second Daily Doublespeak here when I finish it.


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