The BP Gulf Oil Spill Leaking Through The Sea Floor After BP Fills The Well With Cement


I recently posted several videos showing oil leaking from the sea floor near the BP well after the well was supposedly killed by filling it with mud and after the well was pumped full of cement.

Now the well has been cemented we should all rejoice, right?

Not so fast. Now the well is leaking through the strata and oil is coming up from the sea floor around the BP well.

Here is a narrated video of the oil leaks coming out of the sea floor that I pointed out in previous videos but people had a hard time seeing.

Update 6:37 PM EST August 5th, 2010
BP has tweeted they have completed cement operations at 3:05 EST but the oil is still leaking from the sea floor.

BP_America Update: #BP completed cementing operations of oil well @ 2:15 CT. Monitoring of well is underway to confirm effectiveness. #oilspill about 1 hour ago via web

As I previously stated filling the well with cement while oil was still leaking from the well was another potential disaster in the making.

Now that the well is full of cement and it is clearly still leaking through the sea floor this could become quite a nightmare to stop from leaking.

Update: August 6th, 2010 3:42 PM

More videos of the leaks from the sea floor.

Leaks From Sea Floor After BP Cements Well Get Faster

Methane Seeping From Seafloor After BP Cements Well

Update August 7th, 2010

Leaks from the sea floor continue and get worse

I posted a collection of videos showing oil And methane leaks from sea floor 48 hours after cement was pumped into BP Gulf Oil Spill Well.


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