The Book Of Acid – Discover the Power and Health Benefits of Hallucinogens – Cure for PTSD

The Book Of Acid – Discover the Power and Health Benefits of Hallucinogens – Cure for PTSD


The Book Of Acid – easy to follow instructions for making organic LSD from legal and available materials.

By Adam Gottlieb 1975 – More information, video and lab tests below.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or recommend trying this nor do we provide any advice whatsoever. This publication is for informational purposes only.

Former RT News Reporter Tries Psychedelics Documentary

This is an expansion and slight refinement of Satan’s Extracting lysergic acid amide (LSA) From Morning Glory Seeds

Note: this is different from LSD. I’ve tried chewing morning glory seeds and it does work but it leaves your taste buds making everything taste like salt, it was horrible. Psychedelics can be super powerful. My friend was telling me about an article called ‘11 Ways Iowaska Tea Will Change Your Life‘. I’ve tried Iowaska tea before and it’s amazing! However, this article will be focusing on organic LSD. No matter what kind of drug you are taking, make sure to stay safe.


200g Blue Saucer morning glory seeds (MGS)
digital 0.1g scale
tap water
dish detergent
paper towels
coffee grinder
kitchen funnel or cut-off 1qt. plastic soda bottle top
500ml flask with stopper or ½ qt. canning jar with lid
125ml (approx.) petroleum ether (no substitutions)
Büchner funnel with a side-arm flask, hand pump and 101 filter paper
Or kitchen funnel & coffee filter
Small fine mesh kitchen strainer
Medium-sized plastic food storage container or bowl
300ml (approx.) ethanol (Everclear)

Step 1: Weigh

Weigh 200g Blue Saucer MGS using digital scale.

Posted Image

Step 2: Wash

Quickly wash the seeds in cold water with a drop of dish detergent, rinse and dry on paper towels.

Step 3: Grind

Place MGS in coffee grinder and grind until very fine. The majority of the ergot alkaloids in MGS that cause unpleasant side effects such as ‘fish eye’ vision and nausea are contained in the outer hull. Some people perform a rough grind and pick out the seed hulls but I prefer to let the PE do the cleaning for me. Some people even decide to add a microdose of magic mushrooms in nova scotia to get a super interesting high. But that is something only experienced users should concern themselves with.

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Step 5: Place in Container

Using a kitchen funnel or cut off bottle top, pour ground up MGS into a flask or canning jar.

Posted Image

Step 5: Add Petroleum Ether (PE)

Add approximately 125 ml petroleum either, enough to more than cover the ground up MGS. Cover and swirl the mixture to expose all of the MGS to the PE, cover and store the flask in a dark location. Light and heat degrade LSA, the primary active in MGS.

Posted Image

The first time I did an LSA extraction I thought that the PE was quickly picking up a lot of crap from the MGS. The grayish brown color sure looks like something that should be thrown out!

Posted Image

But after settling for a while you can see that the cloudiness comes mostly from MGS dust. The ergot alkaloids we’re removing with the PE have colored the solution a greenish yellow.

Posted Image

Let the MGS soak in the PE for two days. Here’s what it looks like right before removing the PE. The solvent color has darkened as more ergot alkaloids are removed from the MGS.

Posted Image

Step 6: Filter PE

Filter the PE using the funnel and hand pump or coffee filter and reserve the MGS.

After filtering I had to pour the PE back into the original flask twice to remove the last bit of MGS sticking to the sides and bottom.

Posted Image

The MGS at the bottom of the flask to the left would not come out despite vigorous shaking of the PE. To remove it I moistened a piece of cotton t-shirt with warm water, placed the cloth into the flask and used a screwdriver to scrape the bottom of the flask with the cloth. I’m glad the PE caught that crap, whatever it is.

Satan claims you can reuse the PE but I’m not sure I want to do that. If I do, I’ll filter the PE with 102 and 103 paper first.

I filtered in my kitchen on a dark, cloudy day with all lights off. As soon as I separated the MGS I put the strainer in a dark closet and only took it out quickly to photograph.

Posted Image

I put this strainer in a plastic storage container in the closet to evaporate off all the PE. Using the strainer speeds up the evap because the open bottom and sides expose more of the MGS to the air. Every half hour or so I’ll lightly stir up the MGS and break up any clumps. The storage container collects the fine particles that filter through the strainer as the MGS dries.

Posted Image

When I can put my nose right up to the MGS and smell absolutely no PE (very important!), it’s ready for the next step. For those of you used to using xylene and naphtha, PE will be a welcome change because it has a much milder smell.

Step 7: Ethanol Soak I

After the PE has completely evaporated, place the cleaned MGS into the funnel or jar and add ethanol (grain alcohol i.e. Everclear) to cover the MGS plus about 1cm (> ½”), which works out to about 100ml. The MGS quickly absorbs the alcohol so I like to add the Everclear, place the stopper in the flask, swirl the MGS in the solution, and then top the mixture off with a bit more (50ml) Everclear.

Posted Image

Look at the beautiful amber color after a two-day soak:

Posted Image

Step 8: Filter Ethanol

I separated the Everclear from the MGS, similar to the PE filtration in Step 6

Posted Image

In Satan’s tek he suggests filtering through a t-shirt so you can wring out the Everclear. I achieved this same effect by putting a piece of plastic wrap over the Büchner funnel after I’d extracted most of the solution. This created a fairly strong vacuum, pulled out almost every drop of Everclear, and was much less messy and cumbersome than using a t-shirt. You can see how the vacuum has sucked in the plastic wrap and formed a vacuum seal over the MGS:

Posted Image

I kept the Everclear LSA extraction in the unsealed side-arm flask to slowly evaporate in a dark closet during the second extraction.

Step 9: Ethanol Soak II

I added approx. 150ml more Everclear to the MGS for a second two-day soak.

Step 10: Filter Ethanol II

I again filtered the Everclear from the MGS and added the LSA extract to the first batch.

Here’s what the first extract looked like after a two day evap

Posted Image

and here are the combined two extractions

Posted Image

I wasn’t sure whether to do a third pull. There seems to be little, if any, difference in color between the two extractions, which leads me to believe there are still plenty of alkaloids to be pulled.

Step 11: Evaporation

I placed the first two extractions in a bowl to evaporate.

Posted Image

I’m going to perform a third extraction but will keep it separate from the first two.

Here’s the bowl after 48 hours. About half of the alcohol has evaporated.

Posted Image

after 72 hrs.

Posted Image

and after four days it’s about ready to bioassay but my FOAF will wait until the weekend.

Posted Image

100 seeds weigh approximately 3.5 grams and an average (moderate) dose of MGS is 200. Loss is approximately 50% and I only did two pulls (2/3) so the end result is approx 10 doses.


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