Terrorist Rebels Secretly Negotiating Withdraw from Aleppo Syria

The Syria rebel commander has informed an Arabic news source off the record the terrorists are in secret negotiations with the U.N. to withdraw from Syria.


HNN has just been informed that an Arabic news source in communication with the Syria rebels has reported the rebels in Syria have decided unanimously to leave Aleppo.

According to the source the terrorists  are secretly negotiating terms and a process to withdraw their forces through their U.N. representatives in Turkey.

The announcement comes after yesterday’s announcement that the Russia Defense Ministry intercepted communications from western intelligence sources providing the terrorist with coordinates to bomb a Russian hospital moments before the attack occurred.

Russia: CIA Gave Terrorist Coordinates To Bomb Russian Hospital

Russia intercepts western intelligence communications providing Syria terrorists with coordinates to bomb a hospital moments before it is shelled. The Russia Defense Ministry has issued an official statement claiming they

The interception of the communication prompted Russia to give an ultimatum to the rebels to immediately vacate the city or they would all be treated as terrorists and killed.

(auto translated) Via Qassioun

Private Source: beleaguered opposition factions in Aleppo decided to get out of the city

Aleppo (Qassioun) – A military official in the Syrian opposition, said during an exclusive statement made to Qassioun on Tuesday, that the beleaguered opposition factions in the neighborhoods of Aleppo have decided to get out of the city.

The official, who declined to be named, said that the opposition factions in Aleppo have unanimously decided to withdraw from the neighborhoods under their control  and authorized its delegates present in Turkey in order to communicate with the United Nations to arrange procedures for the exit of the last urban stronghold in Syria .

The source did not give further details, but noted at the conclusion of his speech that this information is still preliminary until this moment, distancing himself from any events that may arise on the decision of the opposition leaders in the Syrian inside Aleppo.

This came after Syrian government forces on Tuesday took control of strategical logistical and transportation locations from the opposition in the city.

Syrian  government ground forces and militias backed by Chen Iranian and Pakistani and Afghan and Iraqi, and the other belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah, under a campaign of  cover Russian air cover  took a fierce grip on areas under the control of the Syrian opposition in neighborhoods in the the city of Aleppo.

Regime forces are besieging nearly a quarter of a million civilians in those neighborhoods without the basic necessities of life.





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