Tea Party Leader Declares Support Of The Occupy Wall Street Movement

Tea Party leader declares support for Occupy Wall Street, declaring he is part of the 99% and says the Tea Party shares common views on most of the core issue as the Occupy Wall Street

This is the first of three videos interviewing the Trenton area Tea Party leader, Daryl Brooks. In this interview, Daryl tells OpEd news Robert Kall that he and other Tea Party members are in fact part of the 99% and acknowledges both the Tea Party part and Occupy Wall Street share a common point of view on a majority of core issues.

On October 21st, Daryl along with other Tea Party members and Libertarians will be hosting an open discussion with Occupy Trenton Protesters at the NJ State legislator building. e are also looking for Democratic representatives to join the discussion to define the common issues we agree on.

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