Tar Balls Washing Ashore On Lookout Point Beach In Long Island New York Possibly From BP Gulf Oil Spill

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

I recently reported finding hundreds of tar balls on Windward Beach in Brick NJ.

I then though about all of the oil I have been seeing in the water over the last 2 months in NJ and decided to just make sure it wasn’t actually tar balls.

To my amazement that is exactly what was on the beach.

I went back to my wife and told her and she gave me a plastic bag to go collect some.

I brought them back and she recorded this video.



My wife and I then went back down the the beach and I recorded the light layer of oil washing on the beach and picked some new tar balls out of the surf.

The large tarball was about 13 inches long, 6 inches wide and 4 inches high.

Tar balls are now being found washing up at Lookout Point Beach in Long Island New Yorkaccording to video just posted on YouTube.

Here are some screen shots from the video.

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Tar Balls Possibly From BP Gulf Oil Spill Wash Up On New York Beach

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Collection Of Tar Balls Found On New York Beach Possibly From BP Gulf Oil Spill

Clearly these tar balls are much more fresh and less weathered than the ones I found and the emulsified consistency is very similar to the light Louisiana sweet crude most commonly found all along the coast although I should point out that heavier black asphalt like tar balls have also been found from the BP Oil Spill.

It should be noted that the YouTube videos have been posted with the following disclaimer.

What looks to be Tar Balls similar in appearance to the Gulf Oil Spill have washed up on a Beach in New York. NOTE: this is NOT a proffesional analysis. Also, the maker of this video advises AGAINST anyone collecting these things for themselves. The Tar Balls taken off this beach degraded into a stinking mass within 24 hours of collection. They are not safe and pose significant health risks.

The source of this material substance is unkown as of now, and may be from local sources other than the Gulf Oil Spill.

TAR BALLS HIT NEW YORK BEACH ?? – bp oil gulf 1 of 2

TAR BALLS HIT NEW YORK BEACH ?? – bp oil gulf 2 of 2

Here is a map showing the locations of the tar balls found in Brick NJ and the tar balls found on Lookout Point Beach, NY.


Lookout Point Beach On Long Island New York (A) to Windward Beach in Brick NJ (B)

Putting The Pieces together… Recent Shark Sightings

There are reports of deep sea life that is usually not found in shallow waters flocking to the coast to avoid the BP Gulf Oil Spill all along the Gulf Coast.

Dolphins and sharks are showing up in surprisingly shallow water just off the Florida coast. Mullets, crabs, rays and small fish congregate by the thousands off an Alabama pier. Birds covered in oil are crawling deep into marshes, never to be seen again.

Marine scientists studying the effects of the BP disaster are seeing some strange — and troubling — phenomena.

Well there have recently been several such sightings along the Jersey shore.

Shark sightings closed New Jersey beaches for the second day in a row Thursday, causing more curiosity than panic among bathers, lifeguards said.

“Yes, there are really sharks out there,” Seaside Park lifeguard C.J. Ratshin, 21, wearily told the one of the “tons of people coming up and asking if the sharks will eat them.”

Raising his voice to be heard over news helicopters buzzing the beach in vain attempts to spot the long-gone sharks, Ratshin told bathers, “the sharks won’t eat you if you don’t step on them.”

What were described as a pair of 5-foot sharks swam about 50 feet offshore of two small beaches just north of Island Beach State Park Thursday morning, forcing beach closings for about two hours, authorities said.

It was the second time in two days and the third time this week sharks cruising close to shore forced temporary beach closings along a five-mile stretch of Ocean County.

On Wednesday, beaches in neighboring towns Seaside Park and then Seaside Heights were closed as a two sharks slowly made their way up the coast, occasionally straying inside the surf line, said Joe Gomulka, head of the Seaside Park Beach Patrol.

Perhaps the sharks coming to shore like the one in the video below are fleeing from the oil in the water along the coast.

In fact the numerous near shore shark sightings extend as far north as Cape Cod where several great white sharks have been spotted as close as 100 yards from the shore.

Cape Cod officials have closed five miles off of a Chatham beach after a spotter pilot saw three more great white sharks, including one that was swimming roughly 100 yards from a beach party, according to the Associated Press.

Harbormaster Stuart Smith told The Boston Globe that Chatham’s South Beach is closed to swimming indefinitely.

The shark, which was estimated to be around 14 feet long, was spotted not far from a cluster of people lounging on the beach. This comes after another shark sighting earlier this week.


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