Syrian Rebels’ ‘Liberate Aleppo’ Offensive Enters Fourth Day

Syrian Rebels’ ‘Liberate Aleppo’ Offensive Enters Fourth Day

Syria has been forced to evacuate residents from several areas in the commercial hub of Aleppo rebels terrorists step up their attacks.

RT – Fierce fighting in the Syrian commercial hub of Aleppo has entered its fourth day with reports of Assad’s warplanes striking opposition forces in the city.

Fixed-wing jets have bombed the eastern areas of Aleppo, says a BBC correspondent near the city. Syrian troops reportedly launched a massive counter-attack in the Tariq al-Bab area late on Tuesday afternoon. It began with intensive shelling before the planes joined the offensive, reports say.

RT’s correspondent in Syria, Oksana Boyko, confirms intensive fighting in at least four suburbs. Residents of the city have been taking cover all day long with some evacuated from the most dangerous sites, she says. They took refuge in several university campuses.

Officials in Damascus have neither confirmed nor denied the reports that fighter jets were dispatched to Syria’s second largest city. If confirmed, this would be the first time that Syrian war planes have been used in the conflict.

Aleppo had long remained immune to the 17-month uprising against President Bashar Assad. This held true until four days ago when rebels launched a “liberate Aleppo” offensive in the city of three million.

The struggle for Aleppo comes after a six-day rebel assault in Damascus, which culminated in the assassination of four top security officials in a bomb attack last Wednesday.

The international community has thus far been unable to agree on a resolution to the conflict that has wracked the country for the past 17 months. The UN puts the total of those killed at over 15,000.

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