Sun News Canada: The MSM Is Lying About The Muslim Riots

Sun News Canada: The MSM Is Lying About The Muslim Riots

As not seen on US TV news Canada’s Sun news breaks down the lies we are being told byt the corporate media about the U.S. embassy attacks.

On a point by point basis this news cast tears apart the lies and presents inconvenient truths that the corporate media isn’t discussing.

For example, the day priort to the protests starting and the attacks on the U.S. embassy that are being blamed on the film Salafi extremists told western corporate media outlets stating they would attack and burn down the Cairo embassy if the blind Sheik was not releeased.

The planned protests and threat to attack the embassy to do with the film.

Similar details are revealed about the US embassy attack in Libya.

Watch the entire video because some of the more shocking revelations come more than half way through.

Want the Truth?
Time: Saudi Salafists Behind U.S. Embassy Attacks

In a stunning indictment Time points the finger directly at Saudi Arabia for the U.S embassy attacks bluntly stating It’s the Salafist stupid.

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The western backed Syria rebels are the same Saudi Arabia Salafi Jihadists launching an unprecedented world-wide wave of attacks against western embassies.
PBS: Saudi Created Salafi Jihadists Assert Power In Embassy Attacks

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