Star Wars Rogue One Trailer – 2 Official Trailers and Scenes Missing from the Movie

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ official trailers and an analysis of 17 missing scenes missing from the final movie.

Star Wars Rogue One - Official Trailers

Star Wars Rogue One – Official Trailers


Star Wars Rogue one is all of the buzz in the movies this Holiday season.

The other night I was discussing my hesitations with coworkers about taking my kids to see Star Wars: Rogue One because critical reviews say the move is very dark and the movie is actually about “war” in the “stars” like the franchise title “Star Wars” suggests.

While I have not gone to see it yet reviews from my co-workers are overwhelming astounding with suggestions that it is appropriate for my pre-teen son but not for my daughter who is several years younger.

After watching the trailers I am excited about seeing it and present them here for your review along with a teaser of an analysis of trailer scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie.

Star Wars: Rogue One – Official Trailer

Star Wars: Rogue One – Official Trailer #2


As promised from Inverse an analysis of 17 Star Wars Rogue One trailer scenes that didn’t make it into the final movie:

17 Trailer Scenes That Aren’t Actually in ‘Rogue One’

It seems those reshoots on the first standalone ‘Star Wars’ movie were pretty drastic.

We may never know just how much the Rogue One reshoots changed the movie. The word was that the work done by Tony Gilroy, who is now credited as a co-screenwriter, focused mostly on the final act of the film. Whether that’s true or not, one thing is clear: A lot of footage that was shot and used in early marketing material did not ultimately make the final film.

We got our first look at director Gareth Edwards’s film in April 2016 with the release of the official teaser, and what a difference eight months makes. Two more trailers and a Star Wars Celebration reel later, and we’ve got a whole new movie. And just to remind you how drastic some of the changes were, here’s all the footage from the official Rogue One trailers that aren’t actually in [*Rogue One*](].

Spoilers ahead.

Teaser Trailer

Rogue One teaser trailer

Jyn’s proper introduction.

Our first introduction to Jyn Erso seems to be the only introduction like this we’ll get. This shot didn’t make it in the final film, but we assume it was supposed to take place after the Rebels break her out of having to toil away at Wobani labor camp, but before she’s brought in front of Mon Mothma and Cassian Andor on Yavin 4 and given her mission briefing.

Rogue One teaser trailer

“I rebel.”

“I rebel.” This line might have been cut when the movie went though reshoots, or Gareth Edwards just figured the line was a bit too cheesy to include in the final film. It does, however, serve its function in the teaser: Just two words deliver all you need to know about who Jyn Erso is and how she sees the world.

Rogue One teaser trailer

Krennic seems like a lonely guy.

This shot of a very mopey Krennic is missing from the final film, left out in favor of scenes featuring generally ornery-to-completely-pissed-off Krennic instead. Like Jyn’s absent “I rebel.” line, this look at Rogue One’s main villain was better served as eye candy for the teaser trailer, anyway.

Rogue One teaser trailer

Bald Saw.

Our first look at Saw Gerrera is also a bit incongruous with the final film, but may have just been cut for time. Saw has a shaved head in the prologue scenes, when he gets an alert from the Ersos that the Empire is on their tail. But later when Jyn visits him on Jedha, he’s sporting a pretty killer salt and pepper beard and hairdo on top of that mechanical Vader-esque suit.

Rogue One teaser trailer

Bad guys, good guys, good guys, and more bad guys.

This is a triple threat of missing shots. The second-long glimpse at one of Krennic’s Death Troopers was the first piece of footage ever seen of the standalone Star Wars movie, when a teaser for the teaser was advertised on Good Morning America. Marketing!

Similarly, the handcuffed Rebel pilots and Jyn’s sprint through the Imperial base on Scarif seem to also be victims of the much publicized reshoots.

Rogue One teaser trailer

What ‘Rogue One’ needed more of is Krennic’s cape.

No other Imperial bad guy is as dapper as Krennic, and the final film is sorely lacking a totally badass shot of his cape. It’s possible that this shot, which seems to be from a moment after the Scarif battle, was retooled in the reshoots since Krennic never sets foot on the beaches and dies on top of the communications tower.


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