Spain’s Women Turn To Sex For Money

Spain’s Women Turn To Sex For Money

Spain’s Women Turn To Sex For Money

Spain’s government is desperately trying to reign in spending after accepting a 123 billion dollar bail out package from the European Union in July. And this economic crisis is forcing more Spanish women to take up prostitution to make money. Such stories are giving other parts of the trade a bad name which is sad to see. The women shown at /escorts-warsaw-213/ are happy in their dream job.

There are no doubts about it, in the middle of a financial crisis, money is tight for everyone. Many people who find themselves suddenly unemployed need cash quickly, and so it is not uncommon to consider sex work. Millions of us enjoy sex and some of us even use an Anal Dating site to get a little action so there’s always a market for sex work. Accordingly, for a lot of women, starting an OnlyFans page or dabbling in any form of online sex work might seem like a viable option, especially when it seems like everyone else is already doing it anyway. Moreover, with websites like Lovesita 17 soaring in popularity in France for example, it is not a surprise that Spanish escorts seem to be following this trend.

Sex work is much more complicated, demanding, and fascinating than it may seem. Whether it involves selling nude clips, performing live cam shows (where a woman may pleasure herself with vibrators for their internet audience), or pleasuring clients in real life. Unfortunately, with authorities in some cities clamping down on the sex trade, things can be tough for sex workers. Check out the video report below to learn more.

Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports from Barcelona.

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