Spain Says US, UK Media Sabotaging Their Economy For Wall Street Banks

Spain Says US, UK Media Sabotaging Their Economy For Wall Street Banks

Spanish Intelligence Services are investigating the US and UK media for deliberately sabotaging their economy on behalf to protect Wall Street banks.

The respected El País daily reported today that Spanish intelligence services have launched an investigation into the role of the media in creating a role of creating financial turmoil in Europe to benefit Wall Street bankers.

According The UK’s Guardian newspaper, the investigation was announced following a series of accusations by Spanish leaders who say there is deliberate campaign of economic sabotage being conducted by the media to benefit certain individuals and to destroy the Euro.

Spain’s prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s has stated that Wall Street speculators and newspaper editorial writers have launched a concerted attack.

Public works minister José Blanco says the media is running “apocalyptic editorials” simply “because it’s in the interest of certain individuals.”

Blanco says the attacks are part of propaganda campaign in an attempt to prevent regulators from reigning in the bankers destructive behavior that has caused the worst economic crisis since the Great Depressions.

“Now that we are coming out of the crisis, they do not want the markets to be regulated so they can go back to their old practices”, Blanco said.

Blanco is not alone with that assessment either, as Prime minister Zapatero made a similar allegation to his party’s executive committee last week.

Spain’s prime minister charges takes Blanco’s accusations a step further saying that the media attacks are not to only being conducted to help the banks prevent regulation but are also part of a bigger offensive against the euro.


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