South of Tampa: Phones buzzing “with callers reporting oil” — WHITE BUBBLES and FOAM; Officials say “nothing out of the ordinary” (PHOTO)



2In Sarasota, south of Tampa, “The phones are buzzing at the Sarasota Emergency Management Department with callers reporting oil in area waters,” according to the Herald Tribune.

“But investigators are finding nothing out of the ordinary,” Ed McCrane, director of Sarasota County Emergency Management, told the Tribune.

According to the paper, the sightings can be explained naturally:

  • Right now, red drift algae, a type of brownish-red seaweed, is floating near the coast and drifting into bays and waterways.
  • A brown algae also is blooming now, resembling a thin film of mud on the water’s surface.
  • Sometimes, expired animals look suspicious. Last month hundreds of dead sea squirts washed ashore. The slimy critters turned black.

No word on what the white, foamy substance featured in the article might be or if any testing will be undertaken…

On Aug. 5 while at the Dauphin Island Marina, commercial fisherman Donny Mastler said, “I was with my friend Albert, and we were both slammed with exposure… We both saw the clumps of white bubbles on the surface that we know come from the dispersed oil,” according to the Inter Press Service,

During a recent ‘town hall’ meeting (see video below) in Grand Isle, LA, Dean Blanchard, owner of the largest dockside seafood broker in the United States, said to a BP representative, “You know ya’ll are sinking it. You know what ya’ll are doing. Ya’ll are sending all the boats, you’re putting them all in a group at night, we all hear the planes, and the next morning there’s nothing but white bubbles! What do you think, we’re stupid?”

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