“GUN!” Did Someone just try to Assassinate Trump? Rushed Off By Secret Service In Reno

Did Someone just try to Assassinate Trump? Rushed Off Stage In Reno by Secret Service in Reno

Update – This appears to be an assignation attempt. Other videos on youtube apparently show someone scream ‘that man has a gun’ and then others around him chanting “GUN”, “GUN”, “GUN”…  at which point Secret Service rushed the stage and pulled Donald Trump away.


Update: This appears to be an assassination attempt.

Donald Trump was rushed off stage on Saturday 5 NOV 2016 in Reno. Members of the crowd shouted “Gun!” before USSS sprang into action. Original video by RSBN. I hope you guys don’t mind me recording for the sake of people seeing this.

Update 2 Zero Hedge has now picked up on this story:

Trump Rushed Off Stage In Nevada After Possible Gunman Spotted In Audience

Details surrounding the event are few – according to initial reports, a person in the crowd allegedly pulled a gun –  but shortly after appearing on stage at a Nevada rally, Donald Trump was rushed off stage by Secret Service agents.



While many have donned their tin foil hats over the past few months, the big question everyone is asking is – will the establishment use the ultimate tool to stop Trump winning the election? Initial unconfirmed reports suggest that a man in the crowd pulled a gun:

According to The Hill, the Republican presidential nominee noticed a protestor in the crowd and told event security to remove him. But as Trump looked out over the crowd to spot the protestor, two men in suits ran to the stage, grabbed him by the shoulders, and rushed him behind the curtain.

A group of security officials jumped over the barricade, protecting the stage and looking into the crowd, backing up shocked attendees who tried to take video of the protestor.

Security led a bald man out of the convention hall as the crowd cheered and also booed the protestor.

And moments later:

Trump returned to the stage moments later to continue his speech. “Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped. Never ever be stopped,” Trump said. “I want to thank the Secret Service. These guys are fantastic – they don’t get enough credit,” he said.:

A few minutes later, the businessman paused to thank his supporters for helping to protect him as the man rushed the stage.

“I want to thank all these people,” he said, pointing to the area where the man was stopped.

“I saw what you were doing – that’s a tough group of people right there. I saw that, that was pretty amazing. Nobody messes with our people,” he said.

Below is a photo of the alleged gunman:



Source: Zero Hedge

Update 3

Media is reporting that Homeland Security found no gun. This was just a panicked crowed.

However, via Mike Cernovich :


And this come’s after Glenn Beck called for someone to assassinate trump.



The man arrested Austin Crytes is a paid operative for the DNC whose name just happens to show up in the WikiLeaks dump.

Additionally Austin shows up in several videos and photos of corporate media reports of violence at Trump rallies across the country.

Here is his Facebook before tonight’s incident.


Not withstanding, the media is falsely reporting Austin is a life long republican.

They are claiming he pulled a never trump poster out of his pocket.

Then after he did the crowd started beating him and yell gun.

Of course to line up with Hillary Clinton’s corrupt media’s version of events Austin’s Facebook page has been changed.

No longer a Trump Support but instead, as the media is reporting, a life-long republican part of the never trump movement.


In fact, within minutes of the incident MSNBC accused Trump at being at fault for inciting the violence (video uploading).

But the public will never hear that Austin’s name is in the WikiLeaks emails.


Update 5

In addition to Glenn Beck and his co host earlier calling for trumps assassination today someone else, whose account is now protected, called for an assassination.


Additionally, the Daily Mail has confirmed in an article that presents him as being a victim that was violently attacked by Trump supporters for no reason. The exact definition of bird dogging.

The Daily Mail says the crowd was “confused” and started screaming gun when they saw a plain clothes officer with holstering a gun in the mix up involving Austin.

Of course this contradicts prior reports that there was no gun. The Daily Mail also cited law enforcement as stating during a “thorough search of the subject and the surrounding area, no weapon was found”

However and more suspiciously law enforcement “Authorities never confirmed early reports that Crites or any civilians at the rally had a firearm.”

The Daily mail also reports that people at the rally were yelling at the media for being liars and blaming the media.


Update 6:

Hillary’s media is still claiming he is innocent. They are not addressing why he is listed in the WikiLeaks files or why he suddenly changed his facebook picture after the incident. Instead they are reporting his claim he is a life-long republican. Anyone should be suspicious. Austin deleted everything off his facebook profile after he was exposed in the WikiLeaks files and now only has two posts, and comments on those posts are in English and Spanish. Additionally, MicroSpooky Leaks has video and photos of Austin inciting violence and being interviewed by Hillary’s media at other rallies.

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