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Snoping Snopes: Site Reports On Trump University Without Fact Checking Fake Liberal News

The so-called “legitimate fact checker” fails to do a fact check on liberal propaganda and instead reports on Trump University with liberal bias.

As the mainstream media runs amuck with it’s crackdown on fake news critics are claiming the crackdown is nothing more than a free speech crackdown on conversation speech.

Facebook CEO has outlined a plan for cracking down on fake news which urges users to use “legitamte fact checking organizations” such as Snopes and Politifact to verify the authenticity of a story.

Critics note, however, that that the fact checking from these organizations have been been just as highly biased against Donald Trump and in Hillary’s favor as the corporate media coverage.

The announcement of the Trump University Settlement is just the latest example.

Several liberal news outlets and journalists are claiming the settlement means that Donald Trump is admitting to having committed wide spread fraud.

For example, take this tweet from NBC legal analyst which has gone viral.


Of course such a tweet means this legal analyst has absolutely no credibility at all when it comes to performing her professional duty of performing legal analysis because the despite the lies coming out from the left the settlement does not mean Trump committed fraud.

Apparently @LisaBloom has blocked me after her calling her out for this as my tweet no longer shows up as a response to her original tweet so I can’t link to her libelous lie about Donald Trump.

As a professional that works with class action lawsuit daily most settlement agreements are done because the cost of the defended litigating them would be more than just settling and they typically come with provision the defended is not required to admit any wrong doing.

In fact, the Trump University settlement has the same provision namely Donald Trump is not admitting to any wrong doing by settling the case.

Here’s USA Today confirming that Trump’s settlement comes with the same provision.


So why are liberal media outlets spreading fake news? Why are there editorial staffs doing nothing to prevent the spread of this fake news?

We all know that corporate media outlets are biased.

Instead, since Twitter, Google and Facebook are so intent on cracking down on this fake news, I will take up Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s suggestion and rely on a “legitamte fact checking organization” to find out the truth about these claims.

Looking at Snopes, in typical fashion when the left is lying about something they don’t fact check it.

Instead, they write an article about it and don’t fact check the lies being told by the left.

The articles they write also tend to include accusations made by the leftist media and exclude exhonorating points.

For example, the biggest lie being propagated by the corporate media is, as echoed by NBC Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom, the settlement is an admission of widespread fraud by Donald Trump.

So Snopes… Why no fact check here?

To be clear, Snopes is aware of the story, they have issued a news report on the story. (Full text of snopes news article below)


However, this is their own news report and it is not a fact check on existing news reports.

They have not done any fact checking on any of the reports even though statements in the corporate media echo chamber like those from Lisa Bloom are clear false. Instead, their own article cites corporate media outlets without fact checking them.

Why is there no mention in snope’s article in agreeing to the settlement Trump is not admitting to any wrongdoing?

Surely the snope’s team has seen the numerous liberal accusations claiming that Trump is guilty of wide spread fraud in agreeing to the settlement. It is clear they search for the story online to find sources to site in their own article’s and they certainly saw the false accusations when compiling sources for their own news article.

Why does the snope’s news article fail to counter any of these false accusations and instead avoids the fake news talking pints being spread by the liberal media?

Why does Snope’s article only present liberal attack points and make no representation of Trump’s side as the USA today article above does?

Are we really supposed to believe in these “legitimate fact checking organizations” when time and again they they show liberal bias toward the left?

Via Snopes:

President-Elect Reverses Position, Settles Trump University Cases for $25 Million

Donald Trump agreed to a $25 million settlement to end litigation in three lawsuits related to the controversial Trump University.

At least three lawsuits relating to President-Elect Donald Trump’s Trump University dogged the candidate throughout the 2016 campaign, ending in a $25 million agreement announced on 18 November 2016:

The deal satisfied two class-action lawsuits as well as a civil suit, alleging the seminar-based business failed to live up to its promises:

President-elect Donald Trump has agreed to a $25 million settlement to resolve three lawsuits over Trump University, his former school for real estate investors, according to New York’s attorney general. The deal announced Friday by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman would settle two class-action lawsuits in California and a civil suit filed by Schneiderman … The suits had alleged that Trump University failed to deliver the quality real estate investing education it promised. Schneiderman says the $25 million to be paid by Trump or one of his business entities includes restitution for students and $1 million in penalties to the state.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman commented on the deal when it was announced, adding that the arrangement included a penalty of $1 million to the state of New York for violating education laws:

Schneiderman said in [an 18 November 2016] statement that the settlement includes a $1 million penalty paid to New York state for violating the state’s education laws by calling the program a “university” despite offering no degrees or traditional education. Schneiderman said his office had sued Trump for “swindling thousands of innocent Americans out of millions of dollars” and that the settlement had come despite resistance from Trump. “Today, that all changes. Today’s $25 million settlement agreement is a stunning reversal by Donald Trump and a major victory for the over 6,000 victims of his fraudulent university,” he said.

Schneiderman tweeted:

The Washington Post reported that the settlement ensured Trump would not be tied up by ongoing litigation as his January 2017 inauguration neared:

The settlement eliminates the possibility that Trump will be called to testify in court in the midst of his presidential transition. The deal ends three suits against him, including a California class action case that was scheduled to go to trial later this month, as well as a second suit in that state and the New York state action.

The Trump University settlement appears to fit a pattern in which lawyers for the president-elect are working to reduce the number of his legal entanglements before he takes office.

Earlier in 2016, President-Elect Trump stated that he had no intention of settling lawsuits related to Trump University, as he believed that doing so created an incentive for frivolous suits.

Fair USE: Snope’s article reprinted in full under fair use under several exceptions including the need to document the historic nature of the current events so future generations can learn from a true representation of their history to and to present criticism of the work. Such criticism could not be presented without including the entire article to show that the liberal bias in the original work, that the original work fails to perform a fact check of related liberal “fake news” viral on the internet and that said  original work is void of any statements to represent the work in fair and balanced manner, for example not stating the settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing.

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