Simulation Shows High Levels of Radiation Hitting the West in May



The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (Nilo) ran models and forecasts of the radioactive fallout from the Japanese nuclear accident for some time. Nilo has stopped providing such forecasts to the public.

However, Alexander Higgins discovered an internal page of Nilo’s website showing high levels of radioactive iodine 131:


Because this comes from an internal – rather than publicly-released – portion of Nilo’s website, it cannot be confirmed that these are real readings, as opposed to some sort of fictitious simulation. In other words, I can’t tell if this is bad news … or some Norwegian scientist’s video game.

But given that the readings show high levels of radiation hitting much of the West this month, that the EPA has suspended all but routine radiation monitoring, that American states aren’t really monitoring, that Canada has drastically slashed the amount of monitoring it is doing, and that the situation in Japan is worse than the Japanese have previously admitted, I had to post this information … with appropriate caveats.


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