Sick Children And Dying Pets Accompany New Iodine Radiation In Tokyo

Sick Children And Dying Pets Accompany New Iodine Radiation In Tokyo

The Latest Reports From Tokyo Include Detection Of Radioactive Iodine Along With Nosebleeds, Hair loss, Diarrhea, Sickness, and Death Of Pets, And Unexplained Illnesses in Children.

New official government lab results show new radioactive Iodine and Cesium in the Tokyo sewer systems.


It has been found that iodine-131 is still in Tokyo
July 20, 2011 20:26:21 Date Posted bard kite: / mzQy3ry27.9.

And iodine-131 was detected from the Tokyo Bureau of Sewerage Sludge yet.

That is, as of early July is fresh radioactive material is still flying out of Fukushima.
When will, what can stop the spread of radioactive material from Fukushima?

With half-life of radioactive iodine being only 8 days, the detection of the material in Tokyo nearly 150 miles away is a clear indication the fresh radioactive material from an ongoing nuclear meltdown is making its way to the capital city of Japan.

The most plausible explanation for radioactive iodine to make its way into the sewers so far away with such a short half life is through direct air transport and the collection of the radioactive rain in the sewer.

In fact, NHK reports that levels of radioactivity in the air at distances of 150 kilometers are higher than in areas near the nuclear power plant.

Even while the aerial survey conducted above points to high levels of radiation, independent tests on the ground shows that levels at ground level are much higher than those in the air.

Extremely High Levels Of Japan Nuclear Radiation Detected In Tokyo At Ground Level
Perhaps the reason why so far nobody has been too concerned about the radiation levels in and around Tokyo, some 140 miles southwest of Fukushima, be that everyone is looking for radiation in all the wrong places? As the following very disturbing video demonstrates, a quick trip down the street with your personal Geiger counter indicates, the radiation gradient between the air and the ground is orders of magnitude. It is unclear if the ground is such a more generous source of radiation due to radioactive rains seeping into the ground, due to irradiated water in the subsoil, or for some other reason. What is pretty certain, is that unless Japanese citizens have learned to fly and avoid the ground altogether, by walking each and every day, they absorb substantial abnormal amounts of radiation. How soon before we transition from videos of earless mutant bunnies to those of something far more tragic?

And EneNews points to the officials government radiation tests showing levels of radioactivity in the air near Tokyo are hotter than levels within 30 kilometers of the Fukushima evacuation zone.

Radiation Dose Near Tokyo Higher Than Some Locations Inside 30 Km Evacuation Zone (PHOTOS)
Radiation dose measured at 1 or 0.5 meter height, MEXT and local governments, July 19, 2011:



Making matters worse is these new lab results showing fresh radioactive iodine in Tokyo are coupled with a tweets and comments being posted online from Tokyo residents complaining of various ailments and sickness in pets and children.

Pets are reported to be suffering from various aliments including nosebleeds, hair loss, sickness and diarrhea and death.

Those complaints are coupled with reports of unexplained sickness in children and reports of children being afflicted with weakened immune systems.

Here are Google translations of some of the complaints being posted online.

1: Anonymous @ The teary-eyed. (Tibet): 2011/07/20 (Wed) 23:49:10.33

Rashii the exposure of dogs. Followed by 30 hours a nosebleed death nine years out large dogs in Setagaya, Tokyo!/ minako_genki/status/93249926963793921

A while ago, I saw a twisted died of sorrow that followed the dog out a bloody nose. The dog smells And roadside shrubbery walk, write and supposed higher doses, especially … I owner, please give careful.!/minako_genki/status/93290067166101504

Tsui found. RT @ KinositaKouta “living in Setagaya. With two doors down, had bought the nine large dogs, out for 30 hours a nosebleed Died in succession. “It comes a story like this. I also noticed about the anomalies of the pet correctly?!/portal311/status/93182435948367872

Many dogs are about a week of antibiotic-resistant diarrhea, bloody stool in April. Exposure of the pet’s veterinarian about
For unknown reasons we did not study for “what I did you ‘did something that ends with. Exposed in a sense … I think I was!/emosuke1979/status/93210092584964097

Chihuahua one of the two dogs of my home that I have diarrhea all the time. Recently been missing less per hair right under the eyes, (>_!/Kanaonuma/status/93347012933726209

Yamagata by abnormalities of the pets so far are not listening. A weak immune system and my kids than pets. I Was followed by some time off day, SWITCHING to a full meal distant ones, Oita better now.

To all of this nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says it is time to stop minimizing the flow of information and start minimizing the radiation exposure.

Gundersen On Nuclear Fallout Cover Up: Time To Stop Minimizing Information And Start Minimizing Radiation Exposure


Arnie Gunderson says it is time for to stop minimizing information and start minimize radiation exposure in the wake of Japan’s radioactive beef scandal which is being blamed on “Black Rain”.

Read more…

Yet the feds says continue to insist, as previously reported, the Feds have blamed radioactive iodine in Philadelphia water on the urine of cancer patients.

Feds Blame Cancer Patient Urine For Radioactive Iodine In Drinking Water

The feds scoop to a new low offering up cancer patients urinating in their toilets as the excuse for radioactive iodine in the drinking water. Next week they will tell us the iodine is getting into the air from cancer patients pissing in the wind.

As recently reported Japan nuclear radiation has been found in the drinking water in 14 US cities.

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The feds are sticking to that story as as radioactive iodine was also found in Philadelphia sewage plants, with sewage sludge setting off radiation detectors at landfills. Of course cancer experts are just as skeptical of the explanation as I am.

Iodine-131 Also Found In Philadelphia-Area Sewage Plants; Sludge Set Off Radiation Detectors At Landfills — Experts Skeptical It’s From Cancer Patients’ Urine
July 21st, 2011 at 10:08 AM

Cancer patients’ urine suspected in Wissahickon iodine-131 levels, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 21, 2011:

Since [early April], officials have found more iodine-131 in the Wissahickon, and at several sewage treatment plants along the creek. […]

The source they now suspect was a surprise. Iodine-131 is used to treat thyroid cancer, and they suspect it’s coming from patients excreting excess radioactivity in their urine […]

Any time substances wind up in water, sewage treatment plants are an obvious suspect. So the DEP began checking them. This is when the picture began to get even more complicated. […] In a first round of samples, officials found it in the Ambler plant. Ten days later, the amount at Ambler had dropped somewhat, but the Abington plant suddenly had a hit. […]

In this region, sludge from sewage plants is often sent to landfills, and when it’s fresh, it frequently sets off radiation detectors. […]

[…]Cancer Specialists

Cancer experts said that while the theory is plausible, they’re skeptical.

Nationwide, the number of thyroid cancer cases is rising, partly due to better detection methods. But because most are early stage cancers, “the tendency is to treat less with radioactive iodine,” said James. A. Fagin, chief of endocrinology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York, and president-elect of the American Thyroid Association. […]

Source: EneNews

Experts skeptical it’s from cancer patients’ urine radiation detectors at sewage treatment facilities, is the result of the urine from cancer patients.

To all of this, Leuren Moret calls the spin doctoring from the nuclear apologists a “nuclear genocide of babies and children in Japan, Canada and the United States.

Leuren Moret – Nuclear Genocide of Babies and Children in Japan, US, Canada Grows


Leuren Moret discusses the ongoing Fukushima nuclear radiation cover up calling the nuclear apologists spin doctoring what it is – a nuclear genocide of babies and children in Japan, US and Canada.

Read more…

Back in Japan another SOS from the people of Fukushima begging for help has gone viral.

SOS Video Plea from the People of Japan asking for HELP as the coverup regarding Fukushima continues


Japanese residents send out an S.O.S from Fukushima begging for the government to issue an evacuation order needed to receive government assistance to relocate outside of radioactive hot spots.

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The SOS from Fukushima videos have gone so viral they have prompted a story by Time magazine reporting on how the pleas of the people in Japan are being ignored.

Is This Mike On? Another YouTube SOS From Fukushima
Another disgruntled Japanese official has taken to the interwebs to air his grievances about the inadequate attention being paid to the welfare of residents of Minamisoma, a town about 25 kilometers away from the stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. Minamisoma last grabbed international headlines when the town’s mayor posted an earnest appeal for help on YouTube two weeks after the March 11 disasters, bringing him worldwide attention and a nomination as one of the most influential people of the yearfrom TIME.In a bit of social media jiujitsu, Koichi Ohyama, a city council member, uses the same tactic to take Sakurai to task for asking residents who voluntarily evacuated to come back home. Ohyama says the mayor and the central government have been rushing to repopulate the town, putting economic interests ahead of residents’ best interests. Selective spots in the 20-30 km band around the plant found to have high radiation levels were evacuated in the spring, but the mandatory order was never applied to Minamisoma.

Ohyama says he has been fielding concerns from residents who are scared to move back, worried about their drinking water and the schools, and says that there has never been a satisfactory answer from Tokyo as to where the large amounts of radioactive materials that the IAEA says were emitted in the first days of the Fukushima meltdown landed.

Ohyama’s point is clear: however inconvenient it might be, this crisis is not over, especially not until residents have all the answers they deserve. Recent events do lend the sentiment credibility: Last week, consumers balked at a breakdown in the safety system designed to protect them from unwittingly buying irradiated food as officials announced that beef contaminated with radioactive cesium made it onto supermarket shelves around the country.

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