Several Wounded After Terrorists Fire Rocket At House In Syria

Several Wounded After Terrorists Fire Rocket At House In Syria


In an attempt to reignite violence following Syria’s commitment to a seize fire and UN peace plan, terrorists fire a rocket at a civilian building in Homs.


Just hours ago, Syria announced they will being implementing the first steps of a UN peace plan by April 10th to bring and end to over a year of violence in the country.

The plan has been put forth by the UN and the Arab League of nations and has won the endorsement of China, Russia, Iran and other nations that would not sign on to earlier suggested plans.

The plan outlines a clearly defined road map to peace by calling for a seize fire and the meeting of the Syrian government and the rebels to broker a final plan by solving political differences through diplomatic negations.

Despite the promise of the path to peace the Syria rebel terrorists and the western allies backing them are refusing to accept the terms of any plan that does not involve regime change in the nation.

In a clearest picture to date of what is really fueling the violence in Syria new reports have now surfaced that the armed terrorist gangs have now fired rocket propelled grenades at a home in Homs and injuring a number of people.

Press TV reports:

Armed Gangs Fire Rocket At House In Syria

Armed groups have fired a rocket at a building in the Syrian city of Homs, injuring a number of people, Press TV reports.

Press TV – The attack took place as representatives from Western and some Arab countries had gathered in Turkey for the so-called “Friends of Syria” meeting.

The victims of the attack have blamed the West and some Persian Gulf states for the ongoing unrest in their country.

“Is this the freedom they wanted? Is this what Persian Gulf countries want?” one of the victims of the attack told Press TV.

The victims slammed the meeting as a gathering of Syria’s enemies aimed at funding terrorists and instigating violence.

On Sunday, several Persian Gulf Arab states and the United States pledged 100 million dollars to provide salaries and communications equipment for Syrian rebels fighting against the government.

The countries, led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, made the offer at an Istanbul conference of the “Friends of Syria”, a grouping of some 70 Western and Arab countries, which Damascus calls the “enemies of Syria”.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March 2011 and many people, including security forces, have lost their lives in the violence.

The West and the Syrian opposition accuse the government of killing the protesters. But Damascus blames ”outlaws, saboteurs and armed terrorist groups” for the unrest, stating that it is being orchestrated from abroad.

Remember, Assad is agreeing to the UN peace plan and has outlined a plan to withdraw all troops from areas besieged by the rebels, is agreeing to abide by the seize fire and will allow independent international observers monitor the situation.

On the other hand, the rebels are saying no to all of these attempts to end the violence sticking by their assertion that it is too late to for peace and they will accept nothing less than western backed military intervention to overthrow Assad.

They do not want observers, they do no want a seize fire, and they do not want peace. The want Assad removed from power and the Syria government replaced with a transitional government.

Meanwhile these kind of terrorist attacks continue to happen and in the aftermath the rebels upload videos to YouTube claiming that the government of Syria is at fault.

The problem is the many of the videos are easily debunked which ultimately calls into question all of the videos and claims being made by the terrorist.
The descriptions or translations of the videos always claim that there is constant mortar firing shelling civilians areas.
Yet despite the claims of constant artillery attacks by the government none of them are ever captured on camera nor can you here the sounds of ongoing shelling in the videos.
Instead, the videos only ever show the aftermath of attacks which do not prove who launched them or how they were committed.
Even with the high-tech western intelligence equipment only once have officials claimed to show evidence that civilian buildings were being hit by mortar fire.
The credibility of that report was quickly outed as nothing more than high-tech trickery.
Futhermore, as soon as the Syrian government took over control of the city area they let the red cross in who reported that the city had been largely abandoned by civilians in the first place and those remaining reported that the terrorists had position rebel snipers throughout buildings in the city.

Somehow the videos that appear on YouTube always show dead bodies or a car or building that has been blown up afterwards claiming that attack was launched by the Syrian government.

They never show any proof of who committed the attack or who killed the people in the video, if they are even dead at all and not faking like in other videos we have seen.

As a perfect example, let’s take the latest video claiming an attack by the Syria government which is easily debunked.

The captoin in this video claim that Assad has been constantly shelling the town and the car was just blown up from one of Assad’s rockets.

But there are many problems with the accusations.

None of the other buildings are touched and the alleged artillery shell would have caused much more damage.

You can also clearly see at the beginning of the video that shopkeepers are rushing to close their stores.

If there was constant shelling hitting the city all day, why would shops just be closing their doors in response to this explosion?

Furthermore, you can hear police and ambulance sirens approaching.

If the town was under military attack why would the government be deploying first responder services?

Then why does a white van rush to scene and hastily pickup people and drive away in a matter of seconds?

The video claims there was no survivors they were all dead.

It is more likely the van was picking up the terrorists who just staged the false flag bombing of the car.

Clearly we can add this to the list of faked propaganda being used to drum up support for a western backed intervention

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