Secret Federal Bailout Saved Romney After He Ran Bankrupt

While the media spins the mythology of Mitt Romney’s great success in Business Rolling Stone has learned he led Bain into Financial Ruin and was rescued by a taxpayer bailout.

Another Romney Lie – Romney Ran Bain Bankrupt, Got Secret Bailout

While the media has repeatedly touted Mitt Romney’s great success as an Entrepreneur Rolling Stone has learned that the story is more mythology than truth.

Information obtained by Rolling Stone Magazine through a Freedom Of Information Act reveals that Mitt Romney ran the infamous Bain Capital firm into financial insolvency while trying to turn the company around.

The media has touted this turn around as financial wizardry but that saved the depositors from loosing $30 million dollars across the nation.

The truth is Romney secretly got a Federal Bailout that ultimately cost the taxpayers $10 million dollars and at the same time he was taking the bailout he was giving the fat cats in the firm huge bonuses.

Perhaps the most egregious part of the scandal is Mitt Romney forced the government into giving a bailout by threatening to run off with all of the troubled firms cash by distributing every last penny as a bonus to his cronies.

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