Scientists Announce Neuroscience Research Accelerator

Scientists Announce Neuroscience Research Accelerator

Scientists launch the neuroscience research accelerator as part of a global crowd sourcing initiative compile all neuroscience research related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Autism.

Watching my father slip slowly away under the grip of Alzheimer’s disease and watching the explosive grown in autism just get worse each year, I often ponder upon the question of why there is a lack of understanding in of such disease and why we seem to be no closer to the cure than were decades ago. Unfortunately, those of us diagnosed with Alzheimer’s slowly deteriorate with no cure, and family members have to stay strong for the victims of the disease. Luckily, places like Lakeside Manor offer assisted living care for those with Alzheimer’s to make their final days happy and positive, but this does not match the relief and stability of a cure for such a cruel illness.

In the United States alone, tens of millions of people are affected by degenerative neurological diseases include not only Autism to Alzheimer’s but a wide range of other disease as well including bi-polar, schizophrenia, ADHD and may others. Because of these in potentially debilitating conditions, many have looked for alternative ways to manage their psychological and emotional extremes. Cannabis (Click here for more information) has become an increasingly popular option for those who require treatment for these ailments, there isn’t much interest in cures, from a corporate standpoint, for these issues right now. In terms of cannabis, however, many people use companies like Weed Seeds USA if they are in need to find marijuana seeds, this is because growing your own cannabis gives you much more control and will be cheaper in the long run.

While the technology and the tools are there we all know there is just no money in the cure and as such corporate funding simply is either misdirected (at long-term profitable solutions such as a life time of drugging) or simply isn’t there at all.

So it was a breath of fresh air when I came across the Neuroscience Accelerator Project today which is a crowd sourcing project that looking to revolutionize the research in various fields of research on these cognitive diseases.

What is different about this project is its goal is it seeks to revolutionize and accelerate research – it’s not for health approvals or medical application.

One of the goals of the project is to compile, analyze, and tie together all of the scientific research available today but exists only in isolated silos. The collected research will then be integrated into a globally accessible information system against which results of EEG’s and other tests can be compared to help build upon the systems knowledge bases. Ultimately researchers and doctors will be able to use the collective knowledge base to put their finger in the causes of the diseases, come up with early detection systems and ultimately cures for those already afflicted.

In a perfect world, these kind of systems would exist under a mandate of the government like the FDA or the CDC who would immediately point to the research and be able to definitely say – mercury in your vaccines is bad.

Since there is little, if any profit-making potential for such systems, the simply do not exist so it is up to humanitarians and activists to get behind such projects to make the world a better place for our generation and for future generations.

So I to help spread awareness about the project, I am doing my best to put the word out. Hopefully you will join me and with enough effort and awareness we can collectively get this project the support it needs and get it on its feet and doing the work the project creators hope it will one day do.

From the Projects Fund Raising page:

Neuroscience Research Accelerator

Bringing crowd sourcing to neuroscience research so that we can increase the speed at which discoveries about brain function, disease, and disorders are made.

Chris and I are working with neuroscientists and computer scientists, and engineers to further validate new brain function analysis technologies which are used to identify markers for Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and to reveal paths to discovering new treatments.

YOU: We are doing this so that you will one day soon see quicker, and more robust diagnostic procedures and treatments in your doctor’s office. (Contribute)

PSYCHIATRISTS/DOCTORS: We are doing this so that psychiatrists and doctors will one day have a tool to help them with their diagnostic procedure, help them determine which treatments to use and how they affect brain function, and help them inform their patients about expected outcome. (Contribute)

INVESTIGATORS: We are doing this to help the research community reduce the costs associated with their research, give them easy access to advanced technology, help them more quickly generate research publications, and more quickly evaluate promising markers and possible treatments for the big brain diseases and dysfunctions of our time. (Contribute)

We are doing this by making these technologies easily available to the research community through an internet based software application that we have called the Neuroscience Research Accelerator.

We are doing this to move research forward faster. We need your help to launch the NeuroAccelerator.

GLOBAL EFFORT: We are doing this so that many different researchers can repeatedly test and evaluate these technologies using new data collected from many populations throughout the world. This is a necessary step to properly prove that a new technology works as it should. Right now we have technologies designed to detect the presence of Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder waiting for the Neuroscience Research Accelerator.

OUR FUTURE: By organizing research and aggregating large amounts of data in this way, via our Neuroscience Research Accelerator, we can significantly impact neuroscience research and our future health system.

In the television interview posted below, I (Dr. Philip Zeman) describe one of the brain function modeling technologies that we are making available on the Neuroscience Research Accelerator for investigators around the world to use in their research.

Zeman TV Interview: MOST, Pharma/Drug Development, Video Games, Video Game Therapies

NOTE: The Neuroscience Research Accelerator focuses on research processes only and not health approval and medical applications.
The Problem

Did you know that more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease?

One day someone we love will suffer a decline that could lead to Alzheimer’s disease. We may have to watch them and help them through the loss of their memories, their identity, and their life due to this terrible disease. We believe, however, we can do something about this. We want your help, to help prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.


Chris Holt (COO) and Philip Zeman (CEO) Founders of the NeuroscienceAccelerator concept, a subsidiary of Applied Brain and Vision Sciences Inc.

Over the last several years, we have worked with neuroscientists and computer engineers to develop new brain function analysis technologies that enhance our ability to see how the brain functions as a complete system. This is a new way to look at the brain which we trust will some day soon provide significant benefits. Our processes identify which parts of the brain are active and how the parts work together. This is a technologically significant advance, making it possible to better understand how our brains function and hence making it possible to detect and examine the details of functional problems.

We want to use this technology to accelerate brain health research by providing researchers with a new tool and a new process to make new neuroscience discoveries. These new tools and process may help researchers and eventually clinicians detect brain function problems early, identify causes, and advance treatments for the major brain illnesses of our time.

Our plan is to launch the Neuroscience Research Accelerator. We’ve already built key parts of the technology which are presently being used in academic research by a few major universites, but we want to get this technology out to more people – into the hands of the crowd. There is no time to waste.
What is the Neuroscience Research Accelerator?

The Neuroscience Research Accelerator is an new way of addressing brain science research challenges through using an Internet data processing portal. Existing research procedures for extracting information from data and then organically having multiple labs do replication studies is a slow process. We need to move faster to address the growing global crisis in brain health. We’re using advanced technology and the Internet to help. Article: The Birth of the NeuroScienceAccelerator.



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