Russia Today Runs Damage Control For CNN

Russia Today Runs Damage Control For CNN

Following CNN being exposed for running fake staged interviews by Syria TV, Russia today is now running fake propaganda to discredit Syria TV.

Alexander Higgins
March 28th, 2012

Previously videos surfaced on Syria TV showing CNN running fake Syria news reports.

After failed attempts by CNN to run damage control on the videos, Russia Today is running bullshit stories to discredit Syria TV and help CNN save face.

Let’s Review.

The Staged CNN Syria Danny Interview

I recently reported on CNN running staged interviews with Syria terrorists who falsely claimed they were being attacked by Syria government troops and directed offstage gunfire to make their claims seem real.

Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny
Syria activist Danny, the poster child to justify a military invasion in Syria, caught staging entire CNN interviews including directing fake gunfire off stage.

Raw video footage of the Syria activist Danny as he waits to do a live video interview with CNN shows him directing off-stage fake gunfire and explosions, as well as being directed to tell CNN he has been retrieving the bodies of civilians from buildings that collapse due to Syria army mortar fire. It also shows Danny totally exaggerating a sense of fear and urgency as he goes from being totally calm, smiling and even somewhat bored before the on air interview starts to acting totally scared, hysterical and pretending he is in the middle of a war zone as soon as the actual interview starts

That video was followed by a botched attempt by CNN in which Anderson Cooper interviewed Danny.

The problem is, while most Americans who haven’t seen the video above may be convinced, those who watched the video above can clearly tell Danny was lying.

The only explanation Danny could give is that the footage above should have been deleted.

Andersen fails to question Danny on why he told the Camera man to get the gunfire ready and or why instructed his off scene actors to just start shooting.

He then get caught lying as he claimed in the original CNN interview shown above that he recovered dead civilian bodies from who had been killed “400 meters” away from his location who died from a building collapsing on them from Syria military shelling.

However, the video above even shows the camera instructing Danny to tell this lie to CNN and in the interview below Danny claims the shelling was taking place 15 kilometers away in a different city and Andersen Cooper doesn’t even question him on it.

Wag The Dog – More Fake Syria News

I complete fully on this here, but for the sake of brevity here is an overview from Russia Today.

As indicated in that video, the fake news reports are not just limited to CNN, but Al Jazeera has been hit with a wave of resignations over the same scandalous reporting.

CNN Linked To Homs Bombing

Another video surfaced on Syria TV which alleged to show a CNN camera crew working with Syria terrorists to blow up an oil pipeline.

As I reported ‘CNN Crew Linked With Homs Bombings’ – Is It A PsyOp? my intuition was that CNN purposefully leaked this footage of their camera crew so they could debunk it.

Since then, CNN has indeed responded as I hypothesized saying that the footage in the video was from a documentary they were making.

However, their response was simply that the accusations in the video are absurd and fail to explain the actions of their camera crew.

In fact, the response raises more questions than it answers. First let’s look at their complete response then I’ll give my input.

Since shit like this is bound to disappear, here is a screen shot of the full original article.


Source: CNN

Clearly, CNN fails to explain the actions of its camera crew in the video above and that’s just for starters.

CNN repeatedly states on air, whenever it gets one these fake terrorist rebel videos that it can not confirm nor deny the authenticity of the video because foreign journalists are not allowed in Syria.

But here CNN is admitting that their journalists are in Syria.

Furthermore, face look at the caption on the photo which reads “A photo from the Syrian opposition Local Coordination Committee is said to show a bombed oil pipeline in Homs, Feb. 15, 2012.”

CNN reported this as a bombed oil pipeline and now is saying “Is said to show a bombed oil pipeline”. That is CNN’s journalist in that photo and CNN should know what the image shows.

Even more suspect is the source of the photo is the Syrian opposition Local Coordination Committee with “opposition” being newspeak for “terrorist rebels”.

It is as if CNN was rubbing it right out our face, running an article saying they are not collaborating with the rebels, you showing a caption of a picture obtained by the rebels of your cameraman right in front of the oil pipeline they just bombed.

The CNN camera crew was at the scene of the crime with the rebels accused of bombing the pipeline, with a cameraman who appears to have suffered an injury which may have happened during the explosion.

One of the camera crew is known to have served as a British special forces operative.

Why did the CNN crew position their camera in the window hours before the pipeline explosion, in the exact direction of the pipeline explosion, and let it just sit there and record? Then as soon as the pipeline exploded, they adjusted the camera view a little bit, let it continue to sit in the window, while they took off toward the explosion.
Then immediately after returning, out of breath and highly excited, orders were given to turn the camera off so they could treat a crew member for “smoke inhalation”.
CNN needs to provide a better explanation here than CNN rejects as ‘ridiculous’ Syrian claims.
Now, I am beginning to think CNN has no valid explanation for this video.

I thought they leaked this video footage on purpose so they could come forward and debunk it, but that response does not debunk anything.
It just raises more questions, which brings us to the next oddity…

Russia Today Discrediting Syria TV

Yes, check out this garbage they are running.

It is nothing more that a stunt to discredit Syria TV to save face for CNN.

Syrian TV channel claims collusion with rebels by Messi & Co.

Barcelona’s Argentinian forward Lionel Messi (AFP Photo / Josep Lago)

During their December clash with Real Madrid, Syrian TV claims Barcelona players were sending secret signals to Syria’s gun-smuggling rebels.

While millions of football fans were enjoying the game, the staff of the Addounia channel were fanatically trying to get to the bottom of things happening on the pitch. It took them four months to finally conclude that some of the Barcelona players were, believe it or not, vividly demonstrating the best way to bring arms into Syria instead of just playing football.

Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi and Pedro made up the core of the plotters. The Spanish World Cup winning midfielder, as it was claimed, portrayed the first part of the route, when arms are loaded from Lebanon.

Then Messi caught up the attack, dribbled around several of their arch-rival’s players and set up a goal for Pedro. The Syrian ‘whistle-blowers’ saw in the run a secret message to rebels, who could then draw a route into Syria by tracking the direction of the dribbles, passes and shot.

“Here we see the first stage where arms are loaded from Lebanon,” said the commentary in Arabic.

“Then they pass through Homs and are delivered to another terrorist. We also see how they warn that they will face some obstacles until they reach Dayr Al Zawr. Then they are transported by bus to the final destination, located in Al Magadin.”

The role of Real Madrid stars, who lost the game 1-3, unfortunately wasn’t mentioned.

This wreaks of such desperation to save CNN’s name that it is just not funny.

It also makes one think whether or not Russia Today is just an Operation Mockingbird style news station that is secretly controlled by the CIA.

For a news station that is supposedly officially controlled by the Russian government, they routinely use biased clichés.

RT often refers to the Syria government using words with negative connotations, using incorporating words such as a ‘regime’ and ‘security forces’.

On the other hand their reporting often refers to the terrorists using phrases to portray them in a better light referring to them as the opposition, activists or rebels.

The reports never refer to militants or combatants being killed, it’s always civilians on the terrorist side and always government soldiers on the other side.

So after you read enough article that read along the lines of “The security forces of the Assad regime continued indiscriminate shelling today as Syria’s humanitarian crisis worsened with no end in sight. Syria activists claim the government security forces killed at least 40 civilians within a 1 hour period of time earlier today” in an article that duped you into reading it because the headline was about foreign weapons or foreign commandos in Syria you start to suspect things.


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