Reporter Fired For Supporting Trump Win On Facebook – Show Your Support

A local Fox news reporter was fired after showing support for Trump after he won the election on social media. Apparently only Liberal journalists are allowed to to do this.

While liberal media journalists have been out in full force on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube parading false news about Trump and filling the internet with unrepentant support for Hillary apparently it is a crime for the opposite to occur.

Scarlett Fakhar, a reporter for a local Fox news affiliate in Houston, was fired for posting – on her personal facebook page – that she was happy Trump won the election and she had been praying for a victory for months.

Please show your support for Scarlett’s page on her Facebook page:

Here’s an interview with News Max:

After searching the Internet I found very little except for a write up from InfoWars.

This kind of blatant censorship muddies the waters of the corporate media’s definition of fake news.

According to their world view, if the corporate media isn’t reporting and only fake news sites like Info Wars is reporting it then it is fake news.

This is not fake news. This is blacklisted news. Blacklisted because it doesn’t fall inline with the corporate media’s narrative of the world.

Via InfoWars:

News Reporter Fired For Supporting Trump

Local news reporter terminated after celebrating president elect’s victory

A news reporter for a Fox affiliate in Houston was fired after posting a celebratory message on her private Facebook page following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

Scarlett Fakhar says she was terminated soon after showing support on social media for Trump.

Below is the message that got Fakhar fired:

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