Report: Turkey Mobilizing Army Following Border Clashes With Syria

Report: Turkey Mobilizing Army Following Border Clashes With Syria


ABC news 77 investigative reporter Aaron Klein reports that the Turkey army is mobilizing their army following a series of clashes with Syria troops along the border.

Just moments ago the conservatives new REPORTER Aaron Klein, while broadcasting live from Israel on 77 ABC news radio, reported he has been informed that Turkey is MOBILIZING their army along their border in preparation for an armed conflict with Syria.

The report follows earlier reports that the Turkish military forces launched multiple stage attacks against Syria to which the Syrian army later responded with counter attacks.

Klein reported Turkey has been agitating Syria over the last few days is an is ACTIVELY trying to provoke Syria into a war while providing military support to armed Syria rebels along the border.

Klein stated he was informed about the mobilization of the Turkish army from a Syria official and was unable to CONFIRM the reports as several Turkish officials he contacted refused to comment on the situation.
Here is a clip from Aaron’s previous report on the border clashes.

The news also comes after Turkey cited Article 5 of the NATO Treaty to call upon other members of NATO to join in launching attacks against Syria.

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