Renowned Catholic Nun Warns Syria Terrorists Beheading Men For Religion

Renowned Catholic Nun Warns Syria Terrorists Beheading Men For Religion


Mother Agnes Mariam continues the Catholic Church’s stream of warnings that US backed terrorists in Syria are waging an ethnic cleansing Jihad.


RT talks to mother Agnes Mariam, founder of monastery in Qara in Syria and witnessed what the people went through when the first sparks of trouble ignited the war.

For more background see and substantiate of the shocking revelations in the video see:

As Previously reported:

Why Is the U.S. Government Funding Islamic Terrorists Who Are Killing Christians?

Very few Americans realize the US is funding Islamic Terrorists who are killing Christians to overthrow governments that protect them.
Most Americans are Christians.
But few know that the acts of our American government are leading to the persecution of Christians in numerous countries.
According to the Vatican’s official news service – Fides – and many other Christian news sources, the Syrian opposition is targeting Christians. Priests and bishops on the ground in Syria confirm these reports.

Even The Vatican Is Now Warning The US Funded Islamic Terrorists In Syria Are Killing Innocent Christians

As a Syrian priest writes in the Guardian:

Despite what you might read in much of the western media, Syria is an enlightened, secular society with a deeply spiritual core and the common belief is that Syria is for everybody. A fundamentalist state would destroy the traditions of co-existence and religious harmony that have existed here since the fall of the Ottoman Empire nearly 100 years ago. Syrian independence was won with the blood of all Syrians – Muslim, Christian, Druze, Alawite and Kurdish.

As BBC notes:

Syria has for much of the century had a sizeable Christian minority, making up at least 10% of the population.


In recent years Syria has been considered one of the easier Middle Eastern countries for Christians to live in. Power is concentrated in the hands of the Alawite minority – a Shia sect considered heretical by many Muslims – which has clamped down hard on extreme forms of Islam.

Indeed, PBS reports that Syrian Christians are accepting arms from the government to protect themselves against Islamic terrorists.
Similarly, for all his faults, Saddam was a secular ruler who tolerated Christians … but Christians have been persecuted by the post-Saddam regime.

As the Syrian priest notes:

In Iraq, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, western allies admitted that they had no postwar plan and many have paid the price for this – especially the Iraqi minorities; since Saddam fell, hundreds of thousands of Christians as well as Muslims have fled Iraq in the face of sectarian violence and terrorism. Now, people are calling for a regime change in Syria without a clear plan for what should happen next. Should the minorities pay the same price in Syria?

[…]But the U.S. government is supporting – with money, arms, and logistical support – Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups in a number of nations.

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And this report is extremely shocking:

The US Is Backing Genocidal Christian Cleansing Terrorists In Syria

Syria rebels are fighting to bring a ‘prophet’ to power that has promised to feed the chopped up corpses of non-believers to the dogs and rid Jesus’s whore religion.

In the video below, the Voltaire network reports and substantiates their reports with actual chants of protest footage.

The NATO-supported Salafist terrorists are bringing about a revolution to put a prophet into power who is quoted as saying in the video that he promises all of the Alawites remaining after their victory will be chopped to pieces and feed to the gods.
In subsequent clips the protestors chant how their profit should be happy because they have started the revolution and “We are men who drink blood.” and how the mindless animals [non-muslims] are bad news for Syria, the Middle East, and humanity.

Translation from video (very chilling and must read):

0:15 Syria has seen demonstrations calling for more democracy in early 2011
0:20 The first were repressed, but very soon President Assad abrogated the emergency act:
0:25 and the following events could proceed peacefully.
0:27 It is no longer the case for a long time.
0:31 Not that the democrats have to fear a new round of government repressions
0:35 but because they are facing the attacks of Islamists.
0:37 who know no limits in the use of violence
0:40 Far from laying democratic demands out,
0:44 the current manifestations explicitly call for
0:47 the extermination of religious minorities
0:50 and the establishment of an Islamic order in which Sheik Adnan Al-Arour
0:54 the spiritual leader of the Free Syria Army, is the prophet.
0:58 Al-Alour: I promise you that when we win the alawites who have remain
1:05 Al-Alour: will be chopped to pieces and we will feed them to the dogs.
1:20 These demonstrations are supported by Western Countries in the name of human rights.
1:25 yet the forces those demonstrating would prohibit those same rights in Syria.
1:30 Syia, Jableh: (Demonstrators chant) No To the Shiites, No To Hezbollah, No To Iran.
2:00 Syria, Homs, Baba Amr – Crowd chanting “Peaceful Revolution, Let us Exterminate the Alawites!”
2:10 Syria, Homs – Crowd chanting “Let’s say it, we no longer want the Alawites!”
2:20 Syria, Homs, Khalidia – Crowd chanting “The people want Shiek Adnan al-Arour!”
2:30 Syria, Homs, Edleb – Crowd chanting “Be Happy Adnan al-Arour, our revolution has started!”
2:42 Syria, Jable – Crowd chanting”Adnan al-Arour, do not worry the men who follow you drink blood!”
3:00 Syria, Daraa – Crowd chanting “Be happy Adnan Al-Arour men of Daraa will rebel”
3:20 Syria, Homs – Crowd chanting “The religion of Mohammed is honorable, Jesus’s one is for the whores!”
3:30 The videos we’ve shown are representative of the Syria rebel factions.
3:33 who support the Free Syria Army
3:37 these small groups are exclusively Sunni.
3:43 but they are not representative of the Syria Sunni in general or the Syrian society.
3:48 for centuries Syria is instead a model of tolerance and religious cooperation.
3:53 a model of unity that colonial powers have historically tried to divide and conquer in order to destroy
4:00 The culture of tolerance is being threatened.
4:28 Hello we are the Umayyad Mosque which is the symbol of the civilization of Damascus
4:35 You know right now much is said that there is a religious civil war here.
4:40 and therefore it is important to keep in mind that
4:45 the characteristic of the Damascene civilization is, on the contrary,
4:50 tolerance and cooperation among the religions.
4:55 here it is normal that Muslims and Christians
5:00 help each other in worship
5:03 and the Grand Mosque in which we find ourselves
5:05 used to be in fact the church of St. John the Baptist.
5:09 but due to demographic and political evolutions it became a mosque.
5:15 Christians have been compensated, they were given another church nearby.
5:20 and for centuries here, every day
5:23 there are both Christians and Muslims who come to pray.
5:27 This is something quite unique, which is important to understand,
5:31 because here are the relics of St. John the Baptist.
5:35 His head is in a mausoleum inside the main prayer hall.
5:40 and St. John the Baptist was a Jewish prophet, recognized as such by the Jews.
5:45 This is the man who baptized Jesus Christ, so this is someone important to the Christians.
5:50 And in the Muslim Qur’an it is also very,very important.
5:55 So they have all came, for centuries, everyday to pray here.

6:00 So this symbol should make us understand what the rebels are trying to destroy today in Syria.
6:05 It is not that it is a country that has political, anti-imperialist, or anti-Zionist positions.
6:10 It is above all else. about destroying the symbol of a civilization where everyone can live together.
6:20 There you see, in the great court, Pope John Paul II came a few years ago.
6:25 and the chairs had been installed everywhere.
6:27 and the leaders of both religions began to discuss their ideology.
6:30 in a very peaceful way, trying to understand each others contributions.
6:34 There was no desire to convert the other.
6:37 there was a willingness to share. This is quite unique.
6:41 And behind me you see the minaret of Issa, that it to say the minaret of Jesus.
6:45 Many Christians of Damascus and the middle east…
6:50 You know that Christianity was no established in Jerusalem but, by St Paul in Damascus.
7:00 and many Christians believe it is here in that minaret that Jesus will return in the end times.
7:10 So it is a really important place of worship where everyone can meet.

An English translation of the original French article as published on the Voltaire Network

The FSA war against freedom of worship (video)

The Western press describes the “Syrian Army free” as a conservative Sunni organization, as opposed to Al-Qaeda (and its local branch, the Support Front for the People of the Levant) painted to be the only extremist one of the two.

This portrayal is misleading, firstly because some leaders of the “Free Syrian Army” have been longstanding Al-Qaeda officials. It is therefore not possible to completely distinguish the two structures from each other. Then, the FSA falls under the spiritual authority of Sheikh Adnan al-Arour, whose program is explicitly takfirist, that is to say he intends to cleanse the Muslim community and expel or kill all non-Muslims.

In arming and funding the Takfir, NATO and the GCC hope to provoke a religious war that will enable the colonial powers to divide the Middle East and gain a better control over it. This political project, known as “remodeling of the Broader Middle East”, crystallises in Syria since the Syrian civilization embodies and promotes a diametrically opposite project: secular institutions guaranteeing freedom of worship and encouraging cooperation between religions.

Source: The Voltaire Networ

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