Reality Check: Congress Is The Real Source Of Postal Service Problems

Reality Check: Congress Is The Real Source Of Postal Service Problems

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the U.S. Postal Service is dealing with major financial problems… many of which have been caused by Congress.

What the fuck… Wait a minute. UPS just delivered their package for them and UPS isn’t doing that if they aren’t making a profit on the delivery.

So first of all, why the fuck is a private company delivering federal government mail in the first place.

Second of all, why the hell is the federal government’s mail service – who is complaining they aren’t making any money – allowing a for profit company to make a profit off a delivery they should have made themselves.

Especially since the federal government’s mailman just delivered mail to the same damn mail box just an hour or so prior.

I smell a scandal here. How long has this been going and how wide spread is this practice?

Then to make matters worse – the postage for the federal government’s package is marked being paid for by Pitney Bowes.

A quick WikiPedia lookup of Pitney Bowes reveals yet another company making billions of dollars a year off the federal government’s postal service – charging them for a whole range of services such as barcode scanning, software, accounting and other services.

I don’t know, so I hit up Google and the first thing pops up is a Democracy Now! interview with Congressman Dennis Kucinich – one of the few politicians in Washington DC that has even an ounce of integrity – and there he is talking about the entire bankruptcy of the postal service is a being manufactured to speed up the privatization of the Postal Service so Wall Street banks and corporations can profit.

I do some more search and learn that private corporations are making billions upon billions of dollars due to their arrangements with the postal service which have non-coincidentally been arranged following intensive lobbying of our congress by these same corporations.

Yet in every single corporate media news report not a single mentioned of these vampire corporations leeching off the lifeblood of the US postal service.

Of course now it is at the point if the parasites aren’t removed the host will die.

Unfucking believable – Mark my words Wall Street will bring this country to its end.

Here’s the Democracy Now! interview I mentioned above.
As U.S. Postal Service Faces Default, Critics See Manufactured Crisis to Speed Up Privatization

For months, Americans have heard dire warnings about the impending collapse of the United States Postal Service due to fiscal insolvency. As Republicans push to privatize the post office, the agency is now bracing for its first-ever default today. Unlike every other governmental agency, the Postal Service is required to fund 75 years of retiree health benefits over just a 10-year span. We discuss the fight over the Postal Service with Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Chuck Zlatkin of the New York Metro Area Postal Union. “The American people have to wake up here about what’s happening with the Postal Service,” Kucinich says. “The whole concept of the Postal Service, embedded in that is the idea of universal service, that if you’re poor, you live in a rural area, you’re going to get served just like someone who lives in a city and who may be wealthy.” [includes rush transcript]

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