Rapid Tooth Decay, Skin Blisters, And Rashes – Fukushima Radiation Poisoning?

Rapid Tooth Decay, Skin Blisters, And Rashes – Fukushima Radiation Poisoning?

A Fukushima resident believes severe health problems including severe tooth decay and multiple skin rashes with blisters is from radiation poisoning.

By now those following the Fukushima nuclear fallout most likely have seen the following photos of the teeth of Fukushima resident Emiko Numauchi, aka ‘Numayu’.

She now has her own blog in Japanese here which are being translated into English here, and photos above were posted by here along with photos, shown below of skin blisters and oddities with local plants.

Something is wrong with the plants

Original article from blog of Emiko Numauchi in Minamisoma on 19 May 2012:

Since November last year, there’s something strange about my plants in my garden.

At first the end of November “Camellia sasanqua” and “Taraxacum” bloomed at the same time.

Plants around died down. But somehow Taraxacum were blooming. And they were from the same roots / stump and the size was giant.

It used to be pink flowers every year. I selected and bought pink flowers but this spring white flowers bloomed.Around them, there’s dropped flowers of “Camellia sasanqua”

This is “Taraxacum without a flower “.

The yellow stick has a size of 5cm. I put it to compare the size to show you how giant this flower is.

Finally i only got four teeth. The three front upper teeth are artificial dentition.

Since my birth i had a interspace between front teeth, when i became a teacher, i made artificial dentition to make them dense. My back teeth are also ceramic.

A dentist who is my friend made my teeth as if it was a crash work. Now i got all upper teeth.Now i only have to do it for the lower teeth.

But how can this happen? How can my teeth become like that in only three months? I had two decayed teeth but my dental therapy was already finished on 11 March 2011.

I got a water blister again on 23th March at the same place than before.

At first my skin becomes all red. That does not hurt and does not itch either.

As explained in the English translation of her posts she is getting dental work done on her teeth.

I cannot offer any explanation to the plants or her skin condition which doctors also can’t explain.

What is evident is the area she lives in has a high level of radioactivity, as explained in The Japanese Government ask us to live in the land of 50 milliSieverts per year.

However, I discussed the photos of her teeth with a dental professional that I trust and explained the author stated she only had two teeth with decay on March 11, 2011 and her teeth accelerated to this condition in a little over a year. This may be an unusual occurrence but it’s a great example of why everyone should get dental insurance. When you look at dental discount plans, you should consider the price, coverage and annual limits. You should also ask your favorite dentist if he works with the network you are about to sign up with, otherwise you might have to change to someone new. I hope this lady had insurance!

The professional I spoke to said the poor condition of the teeth is due to the result of severely bad hygiene, but that it can not be ruled out that radioactive substances helped accelerate the progress so rapidly. All I can say, is if you were to ever have a situation this severe, or you know your teeth were unhealthy, I would definitely recommend you visit a dentist like Dentist Greenbelt to seek advice and support on how to maintain your teeth and gums in a healthy manner. The longer you leave your teeth in an unhealthy state, the worse they will become. Plus, dentists are there to help you keep your teeth in good shape, so you might as well use them to your advantage.

Many things were pointed out in the photos that the casual observer would not notice and it was explained and stressed bad hygiene is the cause.

It was further explained that even visual observation of teeth can be entirely deceiving when trying to diagnose conditions and professionals need to use hand tools and x-rays to make a full an accurate diagnosis.

There can easily be carries (cavities) in the teeth, abscess hidden beneath lips, severe loss of gum attachment and severe periodontal disease and many other conditions that can not be determined from photos alone and would need to be verified in person.

From what I recall of our conversation, here are many things in the photo that point to grossly negligent dental hygiene as opposed to radiation poisoning.

Again while there are clear signs of poor dental hygiene there is still a lack of explanation for such a rapid decay of the teeth and conditions such as seen here normally take many years to manifest

If as the author asserts, there were only two decayed teeth in her mouth as of March 11th, 2011 and that her teeth accelerate in a state of very rapid over the last three months something else is the major contributing factor.

It is the opinion of the professional however, that the staining and decay are indicative of very poor hygiene habits that most likely have persisted of many years.

If that is the case then dental records would show slow tooth decay over a period of years so her claims could easily be debunked.

Furthermore it would be logical that a friend, a family member, or someone else who knows this woman would also have stepped forward to contradict her claims.

At this point we can’t be certain about what happened, but if her teeth did decay to this point in a little over a year and, as she says, the majority of the decay occurred within the last 3 months the situation is truly alarming.


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