Psychiatric Detention Silencing Allegations – Columbine Was Revenge For Police Rape

Psychiatric Detention Silencing Allegations – Columbine Was Revenge For Police Rape


Are forced druggings, indefinite psychiatric detention, and mysterious deaths part of a plot to cover up police rape being the cause of the Columbine shootings?

Originally published Thursday, August 30, 2012 By Alexander Higgins 

Columbine shooting victim Mark Taylor is being forcefully drugged and held under psychiatric detention after years of activism against the Big Pharma companies that made the drugs believed to have sent the shooters into their psychotic rage. But that’s just the beginning of a more sinister story which involves other victims being treated the same or dying under mysterious circumstances. Families and friends of the Columbine shooting say it all appears to be part of a larger police cover up of numerous events prior to the Columbine mass shooting. Those events  include an alleged rape of the shooters by police from the same agency responsible for the investigation and a failure to execute a search warrant prior to the shooting that would have unveiled the shooters plan and turned up evidence implicating fellow officers in the alleged rape.

Editor’s Note: Mark Taylor’s mother is desperately seeking a lawyer to file paperwork for international political asylum to end the forced drugging and indefinite psychiatric detention being used to silence him. Please contact me if you can help in this matter.

Last week decorated former Marine Brandon Raub was placed under indefinite psychiatric detention for politically controversial posts he made on his Facebook page.

As Raub’s story took center stage on alternative news sites across the Internet other veterans came forward to reveal they were being targeted with similar tactics by law enforcement.

Raub’s lawyer told Glenn Beck on GBTV that veterans across the nation have called him to report being subjected to the same Nazi-style detention and that people everywhere are just disappearing.

Raub’s lawyer is not alone with people contacting him to report similar stories as I have also received several similar reports and I am sure others have as well.

On Sunday I received a phone call from Donna Taylor, the mother Columbine shooting victim Mark Taylor,  who was joined on the phone by family friend who laid out the details of the horrific nightmare they have been living through since the shooting.

Donna tells me she has been working with numerous lawyers, activists, psychologists and journalists to free Mark.

They reached out for me because they are working to get Mark freed from the indefinite psychiatric detention and forceful drugging he has been subjected to over the last several years.

During a nearly two-hour conversation I learned of numerous shocking details about the Columbine shootings that have been suppressed by law enforcement and the media.

Most notably I was informed of circumstantial evidence that indicates prior to the mass shooting the shooters were raped by police during what the shooters referred to as the “January Incident” which was referred to in numerous pieces of evidence recovered by the investigators but details about the incident has never been released to the public.

Along with the “January Incident” there are several additional indications that the columbine shootings were a revenge plot designed to lure police into a trap that was designed to kill as many cops as possible.

Mark’s mother tells me that some of the evidence that police raped the shooters prior to the shooting is available on the internet and they have released an additional cache of  documents and evidence which they have posted on the Columbine Family Request website.

A short summary of this information is in the following video:

1) Walsh Buttrape.txt – A drawing of the “January Incident” crime scene made by one of the shooters was faxed to the police and somehow showed up on a public police website labeled “Walsh Buttrape.txt”
2) The drawing of the “January Incident” crime scene made by one of the shooters shows a man wearing badge raping the victim who is on all fours, hence the term ‘buttrape’



3) A video (embedded above)  shows the shooters’ Classmates  making fun of one of the shooters for being ‘getting jacked up the ass”. In this context jacked implies several meanings:

1) The up and down motion of a jack

2) Such motion being done forcefully

3) such motion being done without permission and against the shooters will. Think of the term jacking as a theft such as a hijacking a plane (taking control of a plane by force) or carjacking a car (forcefully ripping someone out of their car and stealing it).

4) Class mates allegedly threw bloody tampons at shooters in an apparent gag to make fun of them for the alleged raping and teachers did nothing. This type of torment is not detailed in the investigation or corporate media reports. Classmates are said to have thrown a cup of shit at the shooters as well.

5) The shooters wrote about their plan of killing cops in their year book.
“Killing enemies, blowing things up, killing cops. My wrath for the “January incident” will be godlike.


6) In the timeline of events leading up to the shooting: Incident #7 The alleged raped during the “January Incident”; Incident #8 – Police: Death Threat;  Incident #10  Police: Vandalism


7) Police were tipped off to shooters making bomb, had search warrant and clear probable cause but did not seek judges signature to execute the warrant because it would have turned up evidence of the rape that occurred in the “January Incident”.

8) The official 11,000 page official investigation did not include this unsigned search warrant or any references to it instead investigators claim that there is no evidence that anyone had prior knowledge of the shooters’ plans.

9) Despite the findings of the official investigation clear evidence exists, namely the drat of the warrant the police did not seek a Judge’s signature to execute clearly exists. Police further collaborated to cover up the existence of evidence of the shooter’s plans given the evidence already presented which is further exacerbated by the fact the police had failed to execute a search warrant regarding a “pipe bomb in the field”


10) Taylor’s mother states she is aware that after the shootings law enforcement has performed raids for the sole purpose of stealing documents which she is aware of that have never been released, has redacted others that have been released, and the court issued Gag Orders on other documents.

11) Taylor state’s that there are a series of recordings made by the shooter’s referred to as “The Basement tapes” that have also been placed under seal.

12) I am told there is also a video of the shooters re-enacting the rape scene during which the shooters make a reference to one of the rapists neededing to take a break from the rape and “go get a donut” because raping someone is tiring.
13) Classmate Brooks Brown has also alluded to the “January incident” referred to a police rape calling it a “humiliating event and not their arrest for breaking into a van”. He also talks of the tampon incident which he says were ketchup covered and not ketchup covered.  “People surrounded them in the commons and squirted ketchup packets all over them, laughing at them, calling them faggots,” Brown says. “That happened while teachers watched. They couldn’t fight back. They wore the ketchup all day and went home covered with it.”

Mark’s mother and the family friend tell me over the course of the many years since the Columbine shootings she and her son have been in direct contact with top level government officials seeking to use  the Columbine Tragedy for PR opportunities as well as all of the top corporate media outlets who publicized those events.

Mark’s mother states she has informed government officials and corporate media journalists of the events that have been hidden to no avail.

She has even spoke directly with President Bill Clinton, and event which can be openly confirmed, and assures me that all of these media outlets and politicians, including President Bill Clinton, were informed about the pedophilia in the Police department and the rape that occurred during the January incident and nothing was done.

They even appealed to the FBI to investigate the case because the alleged rapists work directly for the same Sheriff’s office that is alleged to help cover up the alleged rape.

I was pointed to the long series of events leading up to the shootings including threats made against the police and a vandalism incident.

It is pointed out that prior to the incident it was reported to the sheriff’s office the shooters were building explosives. In response to the reports the police drew up a search warrant to search the shooter’s premise.

However, someone intervened and prevent the warrant from being submitted to a Judge and the suspicion is this happened because if the shooters homes were searched they boys would have exposed the fact they were plotting to get revenge for a rape.

Mark is not the only victim the forcefully drugged or unwillingly being held in unconstitutional indefinite psychiatric detention as part of the cover up.

Even worse, I am told of a series of the mysterious deaths surrounding the cover up also includes a string Columbine survivors who have experienced untimely deaths under mysterious circumstance.

She also tells me that much more information has been forcefully been redacted or placed under a gag order to prevent the public from learning the truth.

Specifically Mark’s mother is working with Attorney John DeCamp, a 4 term Nebraska State Senator who played a notable part in the investigations into the Penn State scandal and the Boystown Pedophile trafficking.

I am told that following Columbine Mr. DeCamp was raided by law enforcement law enforcement who stole what I am told provides even further evidence that the rapes took place as well as documents implicating the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the psychiatric medications the  shooters were taking.

After attorney DeCamp’s files were stolen a gag order was issued to keep the evidence he uncovered during his  investigations a secret from the public.

Following the Columbine Shootings Mark became an outspoken activist of the harmful effects of psychotropic medications constantly warning of the mental decay, suicidal and homicidal thoughts they caused.

I am told the psychiatric medications played in big role in aggravating the shooters to act on their urge to get revenge for the alleged police rapes.

Backing up this claim, Mark Taylor’s activism has forced the drug’s manufacture to carry the warning it may cause “homicidal ideation”.

Homicidal Ideation is not just the thought of homicide but the constant ruminating thoughts of killing and how to accomplish that.

There are also indications that the pharmaceutical  industry is playing a role in Mark’s indefinite psychiatric detention in an effort to neutralize the man who was once the media’s poster child in the crusade against the danger of the poisons they push.

Ironically, Mark is now being detained and forcefully drugged with the medications he crusaded against for many years.

Even more egregious is in 2010, the corporate media tried rewriting history claiming the shooters were not on psychiatric medications after and years of corporate media reports were wrong.

The major problem with the new revisionist view of history is that the autopsy of the shooters revealed therapeutic levels of the psychotropics  and then there is page upon page of evidence in the official 11,000 page report debunking the corporate media’s “new findings” on the shooters.

Here is mark in a 2009 ABC report following the Virginia Tech shooting which focuses on the commonality of mass shootings and the shooters being on Psychotropics.

Donna tells me that she is seeking legal help to request political asylum outside the United States were she and her son will not be subject to persecution by the police and the pharmaceutical industry.

More on the shooters here.

More on Mark’s Psychiatric Detention:

From Janet Parker of the Medical Whistleblower advocacy network get justice for Mark.

Columbine Survivor Warns of Dangers of Anti-depressants


Because of the notoriety of the case, Mark Taylor was interviewed on numerous television broadcasts and his story in public eye. Mark Taylor sued Solvay Pharmaceuticals, saying that their anti-depressant Luvox  made Eric Harris psychotic and violent.   Because of his horrendous experience, Mark Taylor became a truth teller regarding the dangers of antidepressants and SSRI medications and how those medications cause patients to have violent thoughts, homicidal ideations and thoughts of suicide.   These drugs have long been known to have these severe side effects and there is a black box warning about this required by the FDA to be put on these medications. But doctors ignore these warnings and give these medications to patients anyway.   One of these patients receiving this kind of medication was Eric Harris, the student who decided that fateful day to shoot and kill his fellow students at Columbine.   This antidepressant, Luvox is still on the market and now has “homicidal ideation” listed as a side effect.   Homicidal ideation is not just one thought of homicide, but constant ruminating thoughts of killing and how to accomplish that.   This FDA required warning label about tendencies to violence was based on pre-marketing research data.  This research data was known even before the drug ever hit the market or was approved by the FDA, but the information was kept from an unsuspecting public and the drug marketed for years.   Eric Harris, one of the Columbine shooters, was taking the anti-depressant Luvox   when he decided to kill his fellow students.

The first antidepressant Eric Harris was given was Zoloft.   Within six weeks of taking the drug Eric reported he was having homicidal and suicidal thoughts.   Clearly doctors suspected the antidepressant because they took him off the drug immediately.   Eric Harris was taken off that drug but then was put on Luvox.   The Luvox  caused him to also have violent thoughts and with homicidal intent Eric Harris killed students at Columbine.   The Columbine families filed a legal law suit against Solvay, the maker of the antidepressant Luvox.   The drug companies threatened to counter sue to Columbine victims so as a result all the victims retracted their law suits except Mark Allen Taylor.   Mark stood up to the pressure and intimidation by the big drug company which had much to lose by the publicity brought by Mark’s tragic victims story.   Solvay already had bad press about their drug hitting the news because a patient, Matthew Beck, who was also on Luvox, went on a shooting spree at the Connecticut Lottery killing four co-workers before taking his own life.   In another Luvox case, a decorated police officer from New Jersey was prescribed Luvox and while on this medication he shot six persons — killing them.   This police officer, Edward L. Lutes along with Mark Allen Taylor filed a lawsuit against Luvox.   This lawsuit caused the drug manufacturer to pull the drug off the market in the U.S.A. Even though Mark Taylor had survived more gunshot wounds during the shooting rampage than anyone else, Mark did not given in to the intimidation by the pharmaceutical company’s legal actions.     Mark’s courage and that of a decorated police officer in NJ, Edward L. Lutes, forced a stop on the sale of this dangerous drug, Luvox.


Source: OP-Ed News



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