Protest Rally Opposing Proposed Nuclear Waste Abandonment Dump on Lake Huron 2015

Video: Protest Rally Opposing Proposed Nuclear Waste Abandonment – Dump on Lake Huron, Ontario  2015

Protest Rally Opposing Proposed Nuclear Waste Abandonment Dump on Lake Huron, Ontario

One way to magnify your opposition to the nuclear waste dump proposed for the Canadian shores of Lake Huron is to join with hundreds of other opponents on the St. Clair River in Port Huron, Michigan

Don’t worry about fitting into one political group or another, or one particular environmental group or another. “This is a grass roots event,” said Jeremy Whitmore, a Port Huron resident who organized the rally with fellow activist Valerie Daggett.

OPG nuclear waste dump on lake huron ontario

Whitmore and Daggett happened to attend a presentation by Kevin Kamps, a nuclear waste expert with the Maryland-based organization Beyond Nuclear, on June 17 at the St. Clair County building in Port Huron.

“We went and saw Kevin Kamps and were really inspired by what we heard,” said Whitmore. “One of his ideas to oppose the nuclear dump was a rally.”

“There were about 30 people there and we thought more should have come,” said Daggett. “We put the idea of a rally out on social media and it blew up.”
International Nuclear Waste Protest Port Huron Michigan
For novices, Whitmore and Daggett have put together an attractive line-up of speakers and music for the event. I also thought it was pure genius to schedule the protest rally on the same day as the annual Float Down on the St. Clair River where it’s estimated that five to six thousand people will be in attendance.

Other presenters included Lynn Rosales from Aamjiwnaang First Nation; Jutta Splettstoesser, a farmer from Kincardine, Ontario, who is running for provincial office under the Green Party banner; Ellen Dailey and Jill Taylor, members of Save Our Saugeen Shores, or SOS, a group based near the proposed dump, and Michael Keegan from Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes, who has spearheaded opposition to DTE’s nuclear reactor on the shores of Lake Erie in Monroe and the company’s proposed new reactor.

The Green Party is the only party that opposes the dump, Splettstoeoesser told Blackburn News recently. Read the full story at Voice News

Update August 20, 2015

Whitmore and Daggett have started a new Facebook Group; Great Lakes Environmental Alliance

Video: Protest Rally Opposing the Proposed  OPG Nuclear Waste Abandonment on Lake Huron, Ontario

Thanks to all the great speakers, organizers, volunteers and concerned citizens. Special Thanks to The Peace Patrol and excellent musical guests BIOS and Victor McManemy.

Check these links from our attended speakers;

Other Recent News

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Democratic Rep. Dan Kildee of Michigan and Michigan Senate Democratic leader Jim Ananich on Wednesday announced an effort to encourage people to write the Canadian Minister of the Environment.


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