Propaganda That “Radiation Is Good For You” Is “An Incredible Lie” From The Nuclear Industry Says NY Professor

Propaganda That “Radiation Is Good For You” Is “An Incredible Lie” From The Nuclear Industry Says NY Professor

A Professor From The State University of New York Says That The Nuclear Industry Propaganda That ‘Radiation Is Good For You’ Is ‘An Incredible Lie’

Karl Grossman, a professor at State University of New York College gave an interview to Press TV on the effects of Japan nuclear radiation on the people in Japan and the United states.

Grossman also tells Press TV he believes the nuclear industry is trying to trying to downplay radioactive pollution in Savannah River Super Fund Site, which is a nuclear reservation in South Carolina.

In this video clip from that interview he explains how the nuclear theory ‘radiation hormesis’ – the hypothesis that low doses of ionizing radiation are beneficial – is “an incredible lie.”

Interview Transcripts:

A lot of these nuclear scientists are into, not only denying that radiation is a problem and trying to minimize the consquences of radioactivity but they actually have the nerve to claim that radiation is good for you.

And they have this theory called ‘radiation hormesis’ and they claim that radioactivity exercises the immune system and it’s a healthy thing for people.

Essentially what they are doing is promoting, pushing their technology with this incredible lie.

I think what is happening in terms of the Fukushima Diachi disaster is the minimization and the denial by Japanese authorities and the International Atomic Energy Agency about the consequences of the radioactivity from Fukushima impacting on Japan, in fact it is Impacting all over the world.

Now these characters, the hormesis gang, this week there were supposed to have a speaker before an advisory board at the Savannah River Site down in South Carolina were the United States has several nuclear sites and developed the Plutonium for nuclear weapons.

The folks down there, because it is a high pollution area that is called a ‘Super Fund’ site’ in the United States because of all of the radioactivity and all of the pollution from the radiation, this week there was supposed be a speaker before a citizens advisor board for Savannah river.

He planned to tell this advisory board that: don’t worry about the radiation from Fukushima.

The Japanese shouldn’t worry about the radiation from Fukushima.

In fact, he wrote a newspaper article stating that even the workers who have been exposed to these enormous amounts of radioactivity there wont face any health consequences.

Why? Because of radiation hormesis.

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