Propaganda Catapult – Pentagon Says Iran Training Pro-regime Militias In Syria

Propaganda Catapult – Pentagon Says Iran Training Pro-regime Militias In Syria

The Pentagon’s propaganda catapult goes into overdrive claiming Iran is training pro-regime militias in the sovereign nation of Syria.

CNN’s parroting of the government spooks press releases just couldn’t get any lower.

Since when is a sovereign nation training troops in their own country called the training of a pro-regime militia.

President Bush said it best – “Some times you need to repeat things over and over to make the ‘truth’ set in. You have to catapult the propaganda”

The tactic is to repeat things over and over again until it sinks in as ‘truth’ among the masses, President Bush explains, and then demonstrates going on the give his final speech before going to UN in which he repeats to the point of nauseousness ‘Terror,Iraq,WMDs’

Here’s the fallen government war whore CNN catapulting more propaganda to drill in the Orwellian concept that Iran is in the wrong for training Syrian forces to defend themselves against CIA sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists and yet somehow we need to fear Syria’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And fuck CNN, ‘The Pentagon says they don’t want a repeat of what happened when the U.S. invaded Iraq and took out the Saddam Hussein regime’??? Then why the hell are you doing the same shit all over again like you didn’t learn the last time around?

Pentagon: Iran training pro-regime militias in Syria

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Tuesday accused Iran of training pro-regime militias in Syria in an increased effort to to prop up the embattled Syrian president.

“There’s now an indication that they’re trying to develop – or trying to train a militia within Syria to be able to fight on behalf of the regime,” Panetta said during a news briefing at the Pentagon. “We are seeing a growing presence by Iran and that is of deep concern to us that that’s taking place.”

U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, who briefed the media with Panetta, said this Iranian-trained militia appears to be made up of local civilians, “generally Shia, some Alawite.”

But while Iran helps the Bashar al-Assad regime, the United States and others continue to assist the opposition.

The United States is providing non-lethal aid such as communications equipment while other countries are “providing more aggressive assistance to the opposition,” said Panetta.

Panetta said instituting a no-fly zone is “not a front burner issue for us,” but Dempsey said the United States is talking with others about the option.

“We have been in discussion with Jordanians and and the Turks. They’re both interested mostly in the effects that could spill from Syria into their countries. Both have examined the possibility of a safe haven. And with a safe haven would probably come some form of no-fly zone. But we’re not planning anything unilaterally,” Dempsey said.

As it has from the start of the unrest in Syria, the Pentagon is keeping a close eye on the regime’s large stockpile of chemical and biological weapons (CBW).

“We continue to monitor those sites, working with Turkey, working with Jordan. We’ve been in discussions with Israel, as well, to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure that those sites are secure and maintained so that those weapons don’t fall into the wrong hands,” Panetta said. “We’re continuing to develop plans with the adjoining countries to ensure that they will always be secure.”

Even as the fighting rages on, the Pentagon is already talking about what the country may look like if al-Assad is overthrown.

Panetta said the United States does not want a repeat of what happened when the Saddam Hussein regime collapsed and a U.S. diplomat dissolved the Iraqi military.

Panetta said he believes the Syrian military will be needed.

“How do we develop a process to ensure that the different segments of the opposition can come together and be able to organize in some kind of transitional government?” Panetta asked. “How do we deal with some of the other groups like Al Qaida and [the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps]? How do we deal with Hezbollah in this process?”




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