Professor Christopher Busby: Hydrogen Explosion Was Actually Nuclear Reaction, “People Who Ignore History Are Doomed To Repeat It”


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By Alex Thomas
April 25th, 2011

Professor Christoper Busby, a leading critic of the Fukushima nuclear cover up, recently appeared on Russia Today with some startling information.

Many witnessed the supposed hydrogen explosion in disbelief, wondering if they had just witnessed a small scale nuclear explosion. Now it seems at least one of the explosions may well have been a nuclear reaction.

Professor Busby stated that he believes that there was some sort of nuclear explosion in the tanks that contain the spent fuel rods at the number 3 Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Amounts as far as 60km from the Fukushmia nuclear power plant have measured far above the levels measured in Chernobyl. Professor Busby stated that we are looking at at least a million cancers in Japan from this nuclear tragedy.

Commenting on the nuclear industry shills who have continually downplayed the dangers of the Fukushima disaster, Professor Busby echoed what many in the alternative media have reported from the beginning.

“People who ignore history are doomed to repeat it and as far as the people who are talking this down are concerned they are generally people connected to the nuclear industry and theres an awful lot of money running on whether this is the case or not.”

Alexander Higgins, a blogger and frequent Intel Hub contributor has reported the fact that a lone Japanese congressman has also stated that the supposed hydrogen explosion was actually a nuclear reaction/explosion.

“If what Takeshi Tokuda, Member of the Lower House (House of Representatives) in the Japanese Diet, says is true, the explosion that blew up the Reactor 1 building roof and side walls may not have been an hydrogen explosion as the government has insisted, but something decidedly more serious,” wrote Higgins, quoting a Japanese Blog.

Interestingly, the Japanese politician was speaking about the explosion at reactor 1 while Busby spoke of the one at reactor 3 but also hinted about other possible nuclear explosions.

“This is particularly bad news because we have already confirmed that plutonium and strontium from the nuclear plant have been raining on the US west coast since March 18th. An analysis by Lucas WhiteField Hixson of the high resolution photos of the power plant provide that the plutonium MOX fuel was ejected into the atmosphere during the explosion,”

It is clear and has been clear for many weeks that governments worldwide are covering up the extent of the damage at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Arnie Gundersen is now covering a similar possibility:


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