Police Provocateurs At Spain Austerity Protests

Police Provocateurs At Spain Austerity Protests


Police provocateurs are questioned by protesters asking how they can screw over their own families by acting as an iron fist for the financial elite.

This is a video of secret police being questioned by Spain bailout protestors last year which is mixed with several clips and photos showing the provocateurs in action in Madrid over the last several days.

This is a very telling video.

Police Provocateurs being used in Spanish Austerity protests as they have at other protests around the world against about the globalists.

These are corrupt police officers, who incite violence and dress like anarchists in order to facilitate the protests being shut down.

Police provocateurs were seen in the London riots, during the SPP protets in Montbello, Quebec, even during the Occupy LA protests, they must be exposed.

We are living in a global state of corruption- the elite are paying these people to hold the rest of society down.

Funny how the news never seems to report on this isn’t it?

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