Police Beat Man That Just Learned His Son Committed Suicide

Police Beat Man That Just Learned His Son Committed Suicide

1Fox news reports that Loganville police beat an emotionally distressed man who just learned his son had committed suicide.

In another blaring example of the transitioning of AMERICA into a complete Nazi style police state, police show no sympathy for an emotionally distressed man who just learned that his son committed suicide.

Instead the police just add another award to their trophy case of felony assaults on an Americans with no arrests being made against them.

The Fox news report in the video ATTACHED to this page is just the latest of several cases of police brutality and police beatings across the nation.

The man interviewed shows off extensive injuries beyond the extent of which should be tolerated as he tells Fox news about how the police brutality beat him.

According to Fox news the man was brutally beaten after calling the Loganville, Georgia police for help after his son just committed suicide.

The police just made the worse day of his the man’s life even worse by first attacking him and then arresting him.

The man left says he left the garage where he found his after paramedics began CPR and was pacing around in his front yard.

He says a police officer then grabbed his arm and told him he needs to sit down.

He jerked his arm from the officer and told him “Don’t touch me.”

He said he did nothing else and the officer responded by tackling him.

After he was on the ground two more officers jumped in and held him to the ground while two more officers beat on him.

Neighbors told Fox news that they witnessed the police just standing over the man wailing away, punching him again and again while he was being pinned down to the ground

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