Phoenix Mayor Loses 4 Pounds In One Week On Food Stamp Budget


Despite what politicians and experts tell us or what many Americans want to believe this ends with millions starving on the streets.

Powerful forces controlling the flow of money into the pockets of our elected representatives continue to persuade our continue to persuade those representatives to axe food stamps and other government assistance.

This is all done under the mantra that corporate welfare and tax breaks for the rich are the only way to revive America from the economic calamity that it is in due to corporate welfare and tax breaks for the rich.

I know that such circular reasoning is of course self defeating but that doesn’t seen to matter much to the financial elites executing their meticulously thought on plan totally oblivious to the concept that some things that appear perfect in theory just don’t work in practice.

For example, look at the attempts to save the asses of the bankers in Europe by forcing austerity measures on the public.

We see the result is widespread civil unrest on the streets which is set to doom the Euro.

but congress is totally oblivious as the US approaches the fiscal cliff which automatically triggered widespread government spending cuts if not averted before hand.

Instead they have decided to abandon congress as plans to extend our perpetual wars move forward as a preventive war against Iran lies on the horizon.

The problem is when people can’t put food on their table bad things happen.

As Marc Salvo reports below the nearly 50 million people relying on government assistance to put food on their table already aren’t getting enough off it.

When we drop off that fiscal cliff let’s just say don’t be surprised if things start getting really bad.

Government Assistance Doesn’t Cut It Anymore: Phoenix Mayor Loses 4 Pounds In One Week On “Food Stamp Budget”

If you’re dependent on the government to support your weekly sustenance, the money you receive is no longer sufficient to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet – so says Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton:

Last week, Stanton, a Democrat, took part in a community challenge to live on a food stamp budget – just $4.16 to buy food per day, or about $29 per week for one person.

Stanton said he was barely able to meet nutritional needs and lost four pounds, according to Fox 10 News Phoenix. He skipped meals and relied on ramen noodles, pasta and coffee, according to KTAR.

“I’m facing a long, hungry day and an even longer night getting dinner on the table, which requires making EVERYTHING from scratch on this budget,” Stanton wrote on Facebook. “It’s only for a week, so I’ve got a decent attitude. If I were doing this with no end in sight, I probably wouldn’t be so pleasant.”

Stanton concluded on Facebook at the end of the challenge: “The best ‘program’ for any struggling family is a job that pays a living wage.”

Source: Huff Post

According to Stanton, he lost four pounds in a single week on his $29 per week food budget:

A record number of Americans – 46.7 million – used food stamps in the month of June, and tens of millions more are directly in the sights of an economy spiraling uncontrollably into collapse.

Food prices have risen 175% since they year 2000 and analysts estimate that this past summer’s drought will force them even higher – as high as 30% by the middle of next year. On top of that we’ve got the Federal Reserve committing some $80 billion a month in continued monetary easing (printing). There is only one direction for food prices to go, and that’s up.

There is no way out, despite what politicians and experts tell us or what many Americans want to believe. This ends with millions of Americans starving in the streets. There can be no other result. Either the nutritional assistance programs come to a screeching halt because there is no credit funding left for the county as a whole, or prices rise exponentially to the point that $29 will buy maybe a gallon of milk or less.

This is our future. You can bet on it.

And the way to ‘bet’ on it is to stock up on essential commodities like rice, beans, wheat, dry milk, and corn now , before things get so bad that they are no longer manageable.

Make efforts to get prepared now, or pay the price later.

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