Petrochemical Complex Containing Nuclear Fuel On Fire After Explosion

A chemical complex containing nuclear fuel is engulfed in a massive fire at Mitsui chemicals after a lightning strike caused an explosion.

The Fukushima Diary alerts us an alarming story about a lightning strike that caused an explosion and a massive fire at a chemical complex used to store nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.

The Iwakuni plant is still on fire according to the report and is reported to have 3379 55 gallon drums containing nuclear radioactive waste as well as Uranium rods used for nuclear fuel at the site.

Several people are reported to be injured following the explosion which occurred at 2:20 local time at Iwakuni Otake Petrochemical Complex of Mitsui chemicals.

So far there is no word from officials on the status of the nuclear fuel or radioactive waste stored at the plant.

Storing nuclear fuel and radioactive waste at an plant chemical plant that processes highly combustible oil products is a really dumb idea so you get what we have there today.

Map of 50km radius area from the plant.


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