Penly 2 Nuclear Reactor Shutdown Following Fire In Oil Pumps

Penly 2 Nuclear Reactor Shutdown Following Fire In Oil Pumps

The Penly 2 nuclear reactor in France has been shut down after an oil fire broke out in pumps in the reactor.

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About 4 hours, French officials announced on their website there was an unplanned outage of the Penly 2 nuclear reactor in France at 10:20 GMT without citing a reason for the outage, according to Reuters.

Now, the officials are admitting that the outage is due to a fire that broke out in the oil circulating in the reactor’s pumps.

According to Reuter’s nearly 45 minutes after the fire broke the EDF proceeded to the reactor to put out the fire.

Over 6 hours since the outage here are still no further details except that the EDF is describing the situation as safe.


1 EDF’s Penly 2 reactor on unplanned outage (Reuters)
2 Fire put out at EDF’s Penly 2 nuclear reactor (Reuters)


From Press TV:

French nuclear reactor shut down after fire alert


A nuclear reactor in France’s northern Normandy area has been automatically shut down after two small fires broke out at the installation, the site’s operator firm reports.

The website for the operator firm Electricite de France (EDF) said the incident occurred on Thursday after the reactor at the Penly site, which lies on the English Channel near the port of Dieppe.

EDF stated that the fire had been extinguished with no injuries, assuring that “the incident poses no threat to the environment.”

The statement said firefighters “went into the building housing the reactor of the number two production unit of the Penly nuclear power plant to extinguish two fires.”

The French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) said the firefighters had discovered small pools of oil on fire but had quickly extinguished the flames. ASN added that the authority would make an inspection of the site on Friday.

France is the world’s most nuclear-dependent country and operates 58 reactors, which supply 75 percent of the country’s electricity demand at home.

The country’s reliance on nuclear power has raised concerns since the Fukushima disaster in Japan, which pushed Germany to announce plans to shut all of its reactors by the end of 2022.

Source: Press TV

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