Password 2016 – Cracked Coke Exec’s Doc Shows Hillary Campaign Started in 2014

How insecure will national security be under Hillary? A document proving felony election law violation was protected with the password “2016”


More evidence gathers that Hillary Clinton knew she was running for president earlier than announced is found in email that last batch of the Podesta emails being published by WikiLeaks.

An attachment in a published email sent in 2014 shows that former Coca-Cola marketing executive and current DDB CEO  Wendy Clark, was colluding with Hillary to formulate marketing and branding strategies for her 2016 presidential campaign.

The discovery of the confidential document was posted online in a reddit forum with requests to help crack the password and within minutes it was cracked.

The password was guessed on one user’s the first attempt to brute force and to everyone’s amazement it was 2016, apparently referencing the 2016 campaign run.

This adds to the embarrassment of several other leaked emails showing staffer’s in the campaign continually used password’s that were easy to guess using simply brute-force dictionary attacks.

It is sad to think that this criminal organization may very well soon be in charge of the National Security of the United States but there careless in that regard is not surprising.

Especially, since several other Podesta emails show access to the highest levels of government are up for sale including Presidential cabinet appointments and selling of Presidential Executive Orders to very high value donors.

Indeed, as several email’s show the entire Clinton Foundation and its umbrella organizations are nothing more the front charities as part of a For-Profit pay-to-play scheme that the Clinton’s use to sell everything from government access to money laundering to overseas nuclear uranium and weapons deals.

However, I am somewhat taken back that they would be so careless in protecting a document that is evidence of felony collusion and conspiracy to violate federal election law.

The document adds to the mountain of evidence if circumstantial evidence that Hillary was building her campaign behind the scenes for far longer than what has been officially announced.

During this time time Hillary appears to have violated several Federal Election laws by participating among other things participating in activities strictly prohibited for candidates to engage in.

As one redditor posts:

Don’t forget the “how she can engage for 90 days” part:

WLC Recommended approach:

CDM to provide WLC written agreement – 12/11

WLC to schedule meeting with Muhtar – 12/15

HRC follow up call to Muhtar – 12/15 or 12/16

WLC takes 90-day “leave of absense” effective 1/1/15

At Coke this is a special project with Muhtar’s approval

Coke develops its succession plan for mid-March announcement (post Exploratory)

WLC joins Exploratory in official capacity — ~ 3/15

This is a plan for how she can work for the campaign, starting five months before Hillary’s campaign was announced, which is illegal.

EDIT: Also, Muhtar is Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca-Cola




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